Thursday, July 14, 2005

Baby Seal Girl

Tokyo, Japan
Special Guest Blogger - Juan N.

Later than yesterday, we set off for Odaiba. Second train we took was a neat, driverless one. Jason and I argued over the reasoning behind rubber tires on concrete tracks and Mike asked if we had comic book stores to run while he was filming the ride.

First stop was this science museum I already forgot the name of. We only had an hour to spend before the place closed, and Jason had the (very intelligent, actually) idea of starting at the top and working our way down. Top floor had Earth and life science exhibits. I saw some gross nematodes under a microscope. Next floor down was robotics and information technology. Quite neat. A robot baby seal. A mechanical model of the Internet. A giant LED Earth. Electronic fish that respond to your footsteps. While I was lost in the nanotechnology exhibit, this guide, a very cute female Japanese one who didn't speak a whit of English, showed me the ropes. That was near the beginning.

We all could've stayed for much longer than the hour alloted us. On our way out, that same Japanese guide was standing there, hugging the baby seal and squealing. I immediately turned to Mike and asked if I could take that girl home.

We climbed into the Fuji TV sphere of fear. Had us some dinner on the Decks. And couldn't get into the Sega Joypolis arcade because it was closed. Two trains rides later, we're back in the apartment.


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