Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We Almost Died Tonight

Hey y'all. Mike made me take away the two exclamation marks I had in the title. Anyway, this is guest blogger Juan. I have arrived safe and sound into Tokyo 6:00 PM local time. Jason and Mike were there to meet me. It was good to see them again.

Ten subway trains later, I arrive at their swank apartment. And I really mean swank, This place is giant! Four times larger than Jackie's old place in Nagoya. Upon arrival we decide to wander around for some grub.

We find a noodle house, where no English is spoken. I make use of my meager Japanese skills to get Jason soba with meat, Mike some soba with meat, and me some soba with no meat. A guy at the table next to ours seemed friendly enough, and Mike quickly commenced making conversation.

He called up his girlfriend in the Philippines to make conversation with the crazy amerikajin. And Mike joked about how we were lost in Kyoto, looking for the Tokyo Tower. She might not have taken his joke as lightly as she should have. Her boyfriend didn't seem to either.

And then they were talking about going outside and fighting and the lights were going out in the noodle house, and yeah, I have to admit I was getting a little nervous. Mike kept turning to me, asking for help communicating, and all I could muster was "wakarimasen." I don't understand.

Mike wanted to wait until the agitated native left. Jason was ready to go. I sided with Mike. We all left anyway. Mr Crazy Native and Mike were at the point of having a sumo bout and that was when we all decided to book it. Stopped by the local AM/PM for some beer, and it's back safe and sound in the apartment.

I am now quite drunk on said beer, posting this. Take care, y'all,

Live from Tokyo. Over and out.


Blogger ben said...

What!? Don't tell me you three big americans were intimidated by a lone Japanese? Our grandfathers didn't rip a couple a-bombs out of their asses so you could blow over like pussy willows. You should have cried out "remember the Harbor!" and stepped on him. I mean, come on - we nuked the crap out of these people. They need to show us the respect damnit.

7/12/2005 5:15 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes I get emails signed "lol". I had to get it translated the first time by someone (who's busy condensing his suits onto one hanger at this moment. ... but i digress). i always thought: seriously, who really _laughs out loud_ anyways?? but this "post" is a definite "giggle somewhat audiblly". Glad to have you with us still.

7/13/2005 7:06 AM gmt

Blogger Unknown said...

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4/01/2022 5:38 PM gmt


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