Monday, August 01, 2005

I Have the Power!

Wow. The guys haven't taken away my blogger power yet.

I just finished organizing and uploading my Japan pictures. It was an incredible pain. Remember that returns the list in an ARBITRARY ORDER. :(

Here's the link:


Blogger juancnuno said...

Argh! Kevin let me know that the links to the original pictures were broken. I worked some magic with Google and sed and I fixed the problem. I went ahead and fixed the annoying %20s and CanonCanons as well.

All I gotta say is thank god for Linux.

8/02/2005 12:10 AM gmt

Blogger jason said...

You best not be abusing your special OC powers, Nuno. If you decide to start posting links to lewd and/or pornographic materials, rest assured that I will quickly download them all, and then kill your account. Bwahaha.


8/02/2005 11:44 AM gmt

Blogger juancnuno said...

I'm an angel. I don't have links to lewd or pornographic materials. So I couldn't post them even if I wanted to.

8/02/2005 9:04 PM gmt

Blogger jason said...

If I'm not mistaken, you have recently been dealing with


8/06/2005 11:39 AM gmt


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