Thursday, December 08, 2005


I just gotta start off by saying that this is the first blog thing that I've ever done, and I must say I feel like such a giant nerd right now! Anyways, I've been ordered to talk about my Peruvian experience, but unfortunately I wasn't able to stay long enough to form much of an opinion of Peru. But that's ok, I didn't go to Peru to see Peru, I went to spend some much needed time with good people and I'm happy to say my mission was accomplished! I guess the best part of my week in Peru, was me learning that it's quite possible that not ALL men are assholes. So, thank you so much, Jason and Mike, for letting me join the OC. I love you guys very much and I'll be praying (shut up) for you guys' continued safety for the rest of your travels. I hope I wasn't too much for ya'll to deal with.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow,somebody needs to get laid quick...

12/08/2005 4:37 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are you?

12/08/2005 8:23 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duh, I'm you.

12/08/2005 9:43 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last post must be from lehra

12/09/2005 2:44 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone around here needs to get laid, it's me goddamnit.

12/19/2005 5:58 PM gmt


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