Saturday, January 01, 2000


December 27 - Janauary 6

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We left and returned from Ushuaia, Argentina. The cruise was a total of 11 days. Jarah E joined
in for the journey.

Day by day:

  • Wed Dec 28 - board boat around 16:30, check in, first meeting, watch departure, champagne cocktails, dinner, many drinks in the bar with giovanni, in bed for about 02:00
  • Thu Dec 29 - up for breakfast at 08:15, jason gets some exercise, mike right back to bed until 14:00 (motion sickness pills are strong), spend afternoon drinking tea and logging OC video, daily meeting, dinner, play D20 until 22:00 then hit the bar, play mexican with a good crowd, collapse about 02:30 after listening to giovanni play a few of his songs
  • Fri Dec 30 - up for breakfast at 08:05, back to cabin to read and relax, jason gets a bit of exercise while mike works on D20 character, lunch, take a look on deck then return to cabin to blog and log video, dinner, suit up and hang out on deck, zodiac cruise, whiskey in the bar, bed around 12:30
  • Sat Dec 31 - up at 07:00 for breakfast, suit up and head to land, hike up hill with a commanding view and watch ice chunks break off, return to boat for lunch, afternoon landing in hawaiian shirts, make snowman at the top of a hill, return to the boat for barbecue dinner on the back deck, jump in zodiacs for glacier cruise after a bit of wine and champagne in the bar, hit the new year party, win hat contest, champagne on back deck, cigars in the snow, back inside to lame disco then wander below to find russian party, watch some sort of play, have a bit of a dance before getting asked to split, fall on as on the bow (not sure what i was doing there), sleep around 03:00
  • Sun Jan 01- sleep in until lunch, eat, suit up and head to land, build a easter island head in the snow, back to boat and chill over cups of tea, dinner, early to bed
  • Mon Jan 02 - mike sleeps in until lunch, jason gets up to land at british station, lunch, a bit of d20 stuff and hanging, afternoon landing at big penguin colony absolutely full of poop, back to boat to chill, russian show and supper, a few drinks in bar becomes a lot of drinks, jason to bed at 00:00, mike and jarah somewhat later
  • Tue Jan 03 - mike again sleeps until lunch, jason and jarah up early for landings on deception island and a swim in the volcanically heated sea, do some post-lunch blogging and napping, largely uneventful landing, nice dinner, last landing - mike nearly gets eaten by a seal, shower and warm up, international dinner, drink a bottle of vodka with the italians then sleep
  • Wed Jan 04 - mike sleeps until lunch, spend all afternoon watching documentaries and working on blog and video projects and galleries, dinner, work a bit then mike and jarah go to drink with russian doctor, mike to bed for about 02:00
  • Thu Jan 05 - mike up around lunch, spend some time on bridge and trying to find jason, d20 denied so chill, spend afternoon doing this and that, farewell dinner, mexican in the bar and get well sauced, jason and jarah sleep a bit, mike stays up all night to watch boat arrive
  • Fri Jan 06 - disembark around 08:00 in a a state of tired confusion

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