Saturday, January 01, 2000


What does "cromulent" mean?
It is an invented word from the Simpsons. Check it.

Are you a gay couple?
No. Are you a gay couple?

How much did the entire trip cost?
About forty grand apiece.

What languages do you speak?
We both got English down pretty well. Jason speaks Spanish. Mike speaks passable French and enough Russian to get into (or, hopefully out of) trouble.

Was it safe for Americans to travel in 2005/2006?
We intentionally avoided anywhere that was clearly unsafe, not because we were cowards, but because stopping the operation because of an avoidable mishap in Pakistan would have made us feel really stupid. Beyond that, I don't really think that Hanoi is any less safe than New York. We could have gotten shot or blown up in either place. Not being in cars every day probably increases our survival probability more than staying domestic would have.