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OC Dictionary

Neologisms from the road (best viewed in unicode).

ANZACs ['an-zaks]
n. - Insufferable antipodean backpackers.

bleef ['blEf]
n. - a foul substance - especially a slimy or odorous one.
v. - to excrete such a substance.
adj. (bleefy ['blEf-E]) - describes something with bleef-like traits.

bolsa ['bOl-s&]
n. - Scrotum. (Jason was kicked in the bolsa by a camel.)

booya booya ['bü-y& 'bü-y&]
excl. - An exclamation of extreme delight at good fortune. During utterance, it is conventional to shout, knock something over (a lamp is a particularly good target), and thrust both hands in the air.
First exclaimed by Erik B during a game of Liars' Poker in Argentina.

bwaaaaaa saaaaaay [bwo-'sA]
excl. - A general exclamation of dismay. Must be spoken in a whining shout.
First (and repeatedly) used by Vicky and Lilly in China.

camaoeira [kam-O-'A-r&]
n. - Advanced sexual technique.
First heard from Jo in Salvador, Brazil.
See also cuarto seite.

cameltoa [kam-&l-'tO-&]
n. - Cameltoa is a fictitious monster appropriate for South Park. It indicates sex-related disgust.
This expression is not normally said directly. Rather, it is referenced by flapping the lips together slowly while breathing out.

chinese [chI-'nEz]
adj. - Describes something that stinks heavily of scamola. Generally used surreptitiously.
See also scamola.

colonaut ['kO-l&-nät]
n. - Russian male homosexual.
Deftly coined by Lauren E.
See also intestinaut.

corn beef ['korn 'bEf]
n. - Any of a variety of models of small shared-ride vans in Brazil. An intentionally vulgar anglicism of the Brazilian Portuguese word "combi", meaning the same. Generally used to specifically annoy Fabiana.

cuarto seite ['kwär-tO 'sech]
n. - A place (especially a room) where a lot of sex occurs. Refers to the domicile of one Jo, proprietor of a hostel in Salvador, Brazil and a notably randy individual.
excl. - A plaintive cry for sex.

'dat true? ['dat 'trü]
qust. - One of the few questions in the OC lexicon, this phrase seeks to emphasize the veracity of the previous statement. The correct response is "true 'dat".
See also true 'dat.

eigh ['a]
excl. - The sound of an Australian passing at a fair clip. Indicates mediocrity or lack of interest.

fancy bitches ['fant-sE 'bich-ez]
n. - Monied women affecting airs. Also, snooty damsels.
Origin: ODB.

flippy dance ['fli-pE 'dants]
n. - Capoeira.
Proudly coined by Mike to emphasize his general lack of respect for possibly the lamest fighting technique know to man. It makes Tai Chi look like ninjitsu.

hhhhhhhhh [unpronounceable]
excl. - Said to a camel to make it kneel. Sounds something like the clearing of the throat.
Origin unclear. Possibly Arabic.

I [don't] like it. It makes me feel... ['I ('dOnt) 'lIk 'it. 'it 'mAks 'mE 'fEl]
excl. - Always spoken slowly. The thought is completed with an unusual or creepy adjective. This expression is used to call attention to some comedic aspect of an object, person, or situation. (I like it. It makes me feel... wet.)
First spoken by a Swede in South Africa.

intestinaut [in-'tes-ti-nät]
n. - Male homosexual.
Derived from a Dutch slang term that translates roughly as "intestinal tourist".

not many, infin'y ['nät 'me-nE, in-'fin-E]
adj. - Many.
Derives from the paradoxical philosophy of New Zealand hip hop star and Christchurch native: Scribe.

poo poo ['pü 'pü]
excl. - Always spoken in a sing-songy cadence, this is an expression of cheerful contentment with the state of affairs. Allegedly Dutch.
Similar phrases include "hee hee" and "hoo hoo".

scamola [skam-'O-l&]
n. - Any kind of lie, half-truth, or trickery.

Scuba Steve ['skü-b& 'stEv]
n. - A toy featured in the film Big Daddy. His name is usually invoked as "damn you Scuba Steve" to indicate general frustration.
The word scuba can be used in conjunction with other terms or names (damn you scuba jason. damn you scuba burrito) to form a more specific exclamation.

smokeadisimo [smO-kA-&-'dE-sE-mO]
excl. - Expresses delight. Must be pronounced with a "Spanish" accent.

take the fucking photograph, nigga ['tAk 'th& 'f&-ki[ng] 'fO-t&-graf, 'ni-g&]
excl. - A request to do something immediately, especially after a long wait. A direct quote that has achieved connotation through historical usage.

telefooooone [te-l&-'fO-On]
excl. - A repetitive nonsense expression used as a space-filler in a manner similar to humming or whistling. May be derived from Arabic.

time for some cheese ['tIm 'for 's&m 'chEz]
excl. - A demand for, or query regarding, breakfast.
Although the record is not entirely clear, scriptural usages of similar expressions crystallized in the most frequently cited original usage by Tenacious D in the otherwise unremarkable recording entitled Malibu (Taking A Poo).

the book of many things ['th& 'buk '&v 'men-E 'thi[ng]z]
n. - A travel guidebook. Usually from the Lonely Planet series of hand-holding texts.
See also the nerd book.

the nerd book ['th& 'n&rd 'buk]
n. - A travel guidebook. Usually from the Lonely Planet series of hand-holding texts.
See also the book of many things.

thirty percent VAT ['th&r-tE p&r-'sent 'vat]
excl. - Indicates an unnecessarily intense level of surprise. Always bellowed with an Australian lilt of remarkably high volume and pitch.

toblerone ['tO-bl&r-On]
n. - A British caucausian male of imperceptibly minute African stock disproportionately proud of there underproportionate heritage.
Origin is obscure, but is loosely derived from Tobago by way of toboggan.

traveling at the speed of light ['tra-vli[ng] 'at 'th& 'spEd '&v 'lIt]
excl. - Sung in the warbling style of a 20's entertainer. It indicates that a person or situation has no soul, despite pretensions otherwise. (Toblerones are often traveling at the speed of light.)
See also toblerone.

true 'dat ['trü 'dat]
excl. - Confirmation or strong agreement with the correctness of a previously stated opinion. Often a response to "'dat true?".
See also 'dat true?.

yupi yupi ['yü-pE 'yü-pE]
excl. - A exclamation of joy, delight, or exhultation. Generally spoken with arms akimbo in an unnaturally high voice. A more restrained form of booya booya.
Some evidence suggests it is of Arabic derivation.
See also booya booya.


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