Saturday, January 01, 2000


June 17 - July 5

We entered Russia in St. Petersburg by overnight ferry from Tallinn, Estonia and spent a few days up north before grabbing the train for Moscow. After a short two days in the captial, we boarded the Trans Siberian Railroad and headed east. We stopped in Omsk and Irkutsk and arrived in Vladivostok on the 4th. The next day, we flew to Fukuoka, Japan (via Seoul - Air Korea) on the 5th.

Day by day breakdown:

  • Fri Jun 17th - Arrived St. Pete, checked into LDM (Leningradsky Youth Palace), internet cafe, searched for Estonian singers
  • Sat Jun 18th - Tour of Saint Pete with Angela and Mama, Club Metro that night
  • Sun Jun 19th - Kidnapped by Simona, Polina, Daniel, and Stacia
  • Mon Jun 20th - Laundry, lunch with Angela and Mama, coffee with Daniel and friend, hacky sack with Swiss lads, boarded overnight train to Moscow
  • Tue Jun 21st - Arrived Moscow, checked into hostel in The Frozen Land of Nador
  • Wed Jun 22nd - Got JR rail pass, mimed our way into tickets to Omsk, Red Square, drinks in The Arabat with Anna The Swede
  • Thu Jun 23rd - Bath house, boarded train to Omsk
  • Fri Jun 24th - On train
  • Sat Jun 25th - Arrived in Omsk, no hot water, townie club
  • Sun Jun 26th - Exercise, watching everybody drink in the park, Club Bunker
  • Mon Jun 27th - Internet cafe, board train to Irkutsk
  • Tue Jun 28th - On train
  • Wed Jun 29th - Arrive in Irkutsk, boozing around town with Kate and Nastia
  • Thu Jun 30th - Slow day, cafe lunch, central market, laptop jam in pub
  • Fri Jul 1st - Leave Irkutsk for Vladivostok
  • Sat Jul 2nd - On train
  • Sun Jul 3rd - On train
  • Mon Jul 4th - Arrive Vladivsotok, Kolia-sized hangover
  • Tue Jul 5th - Fly to Fukuoka Japan via Seoul (Air Korea)

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