Saturday, January 01, 2000


March 8 - March 10

We took a 2 night pony trekking tour into the Mountain Kingdom as a little vacation from South Africa.

Day by day:
  • Fri Mar 8 - enter country in the afternoon via Sani Pass, stop to swim in the river and mike nearly loses his shorts, stop again for scenic lunch and play hacky sac with some shepherds, make it to the lodge for about 4, walk around village and buy a bunch of grim local beer, dinner and beer and tea and such before turning in
  • Thu Mar 9 - up early for al fresco breakfast of porridge and egg, mount up on horses and head out for the day, stop by river for lunch and watch locals building a bridge, frisky ride in the afternoon and end up at village, hang with local folk doing a bit of this and that, late-ish supper of local foods, turn in early to sleep in little round houses
  • Fri Mar 10 - up early and simple wash, porridge and bread for breakfast, mount up and head back for lodge, just beat out a hail storm, watch it from the safety of the sitting room over sandwiches, back in the truck and run for the border, stop for a beer at the highest pub in africa before crossing back into SA

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