Saturday, January 01, 2000

Road Trip

LA to New York via Denver, Chicago, Columbia, Charleston and DC. A great American road trip. We did most of it in the luxury and safety of my trusty Volvo sedan. A breakdown by leg:
  • Wed May 25th 8 AM - Left LA for Denver
  • Thu May 26th 2 AM - Arrived Denver
  • Thu May 26th 5 PM - Departed Denver for Chicago
  • Fri May 27th 5 PM - Arrived Chicago
  • Sat May 28th 10 AM - Left for Columbia, SC
  • Sat May 29th 2 AM - Arrived Columbia, SC
  • Sun May 29th 2 PM - Departed Columbia for Charleston
  • Sun May 29th 5 PM - Arrived Charleston
We stayed with my Uncle Jay and Aunt Betty near Denver the evening of the 25th. Jason headed into Denver the next day to see Tiffany. I had a nice lunch with my grandmother. We met up later downtown and had a drink with my cousin Jason before heading out again. Jason's step-sister and her husband (and newborn son) hosted us in Chicago. We met up with Allan E and Kelly B for a night out. We crashed on my brother's floor in Columbia. I saw him off to work that morning. It was a pleasure to have an IHOP breakfast with Jason's high school roommate Thornwell S. After the last leg, we stayed with my parents in good old C-Town.

In Charleston, I handed over the Volvo to my sis and we switched up to mass transit. A breakdown of the rest of our LA to NY journey:
  • Mon May 30th - Charleston
  • Tue May 31st - Charleston, flew to DC that night, drinks w/ Jackie
  • Wed Jun 1st - Brunch with Laysons, tourism, drinks w/ The Fam
  • Thu Jun 2nd - Lunch w/ Jason's step-dad, train to NYC
There are a photo gallery and numerous blog entries dedicated to the voyage. (Links are to May and June archives.)