Friday, July 08, 2005

The Eastern Capital

We arrived in Tokyo 2 days ago and moved into Leo R's place. He is a most gracious host and has provided us with a room of our own, a key, and the general run of the place. His kind hospitality has brought a bit of sanity back to the OC. There is a great physical and psychological value to having a home base. If all goes well, we are going to move into an empty apartment owned by a friend of Leo's called Mike. It should have enough room for Jason, Mike, Juan (arrives on the 12th), and Allan (arrives on the 15th), if he opts not to stay with Jonny R. Having a free place to stay in central Tokyo is a major win. Less money for hotels means more money for sake.

Speaking of the local devil, we made contact with Jonny R just a few hours ago and will soon meet up with him for an evening out on the town. Tenative plan is to hit a funk show in Shibuya then move on to a club that goes late - possibly for some drum and bass. According to Mr. R, D and B has made something of a comeback in Tokyo, so we may be able to recharge the battery that has been steadily draining since our last outing to Respect in LA all those weeks ago.

I am just getting over the price shock caused by jumping from Russia to Japan. You can ride the Moscow metro anywhere it goes for twenty five cents. A ride of 2 stops in Fukuoka costs you two and a half dollars. Hotels, food, and (especially) booze are all super expensive. Cigarettes, though, remain very cheap. Go figure. I'm going to have to watch myself carefully to stay within the $100 a day target, even with the free digs.

Looking forward to a night out on the town. It's been awhile since we were out and about in a proper city. I crave a room full of pretentious urbanites and think back in horror at the townie discos that we've seen in the last few weeks.


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