Monday, September 26, 2005

I Lost My Hat

Some Road, Laos

While we were crossing Laos, our bus broke down and we spent a couple of hours on the side of the road playing chess (Jarah), trying not to get incinerated by the sun (Mike), and falling into ditches (Jason). Somewhere in this period I lost my floppy-brimmed, camo "boonie hat". I bought that hat in Lewistown, Montana many years ago while visiting some friends then collectively known as The Goat Children. I have long thought of it as a trophy from the voyage and made a point of bringing it along on any kind of outdoor adventure. My loyal companion of many years now lives alone by the side of some dusty Laotian road. It will be difficult to replace. I hate losing things.


Blogger Mik3 said...

Bless you, sir.

9/27/2005 9:51 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was that the same trip where you learned knife on a string?
*Moment of silence for the hat, it was a good friend*

9/29/2005 3:47 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Mike! I once upon a time whined a hat out of the goat children. It's floppy hat too. You can wear it. Oh wait, the goatchild will get you a replacement. You can still wear mine. It's probably a different color.

9/30/2005 7:10 AM gmt

Blogger Mik3 said...

Anonymous - that was indeed the trip where I "learned" (but never actually played) knife on a string. I ain't >that< brave.

10/02/2005 5:45 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous didn't mean to post as anonymous, rather her husband's Palm was fighting her about choosing an identity! Sorry!

Something good came out of that post though. Derek and I were at SCEdTech at the time. They were holding a photo contest. He took a picture of my hands around the Palm while I was reading your blog and his photo won!

So thanks guys, who knew you had to go all the way to India to win me $200 worth of software!

10/05/2005 2:46 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you lost your hat, but it's also kind of cool because you've got to figure someone will find it and start wearing it around, never knowing where it came from. Your hat is going to have a lot of adventures.

10/05/2005 5:05 PM gmt

Blogger Mik3 said...

Jen - Kick. Ass. If you get a free copy of Final Cut Pro, I want in.

Eva - Wicked. I hope some Laotian kid finds it and uses it for the cause of justice.

10/07/2005 8:53 AM gmt


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