Friday, December 09, 2005

Quickie: Living It Large in Chile

La Serena, Chile

¡Hola amigos! I know it has been a bit since I blogged at ya, but Old Mike been in a heap of trouble lately. I got mucho drunk, spent all my dinero, and ended up in Chile with a whopper of a hangover. Such is the life of the OC warrior, I suppose. At any rate, Jason and I are well and fixing to head inland to find the home of pisco. More to come.

A P.S for AM/FM - We did not die in a bus crash.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dinero mmmmmm well the best thing i know to prevet the hangover (cruda,resaca etc)its to remain drunk jejej have fun,,,,,isarel v.

12/10/2005 8:39 PM gmt


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