Saturday, March 04, 2006

Seven Up

Johannesburg, South Africa

As of yesterday, Jason and I have walked on all seven continents. One more thing checked off in life's big TODO list. We are staying in a nice hostel in the rich northern part of the city. It is a lot like Pasaena, with two immediately noticable differences:
  • Language - People here generally speak English but sometimes suddenly burst into an African language or Afrikaans, both of which sound very alien if you are not used to them. I am not used to them.
  • Security - Every building in our immediate vicinity has a big fence (sometimes with an electrified wire top) and a prominent security company sign. Crime is a big problem in this city. Our hostel is built like Fort Backpacker, complete with buzzered entry system and strategic position on the high ground.

I am sure that more will become evident after a few days. Tomorrow morning we are heading south by bus to do some hiking in mountain passes and then it is on to Durban to get in touch with the beach and South Africa's sizable Indian population.


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