Tuesday, March 28, 2006

To Infinity, And A Little Bit Farther

Cairo, Egypt

It seems, for the moment, that the OC's luck has changed for the better. We unexpectedly received our baggage last night, a day ahead of schedule. To tell the truth, I had my doubts that we would be getting our baggage on schedule (if at all). I was expecting an extended stay in Cairo walking around in our recently-purchased cheap bazaar clothing. And those cotton undies just don't fit right.
Luckily, we did get our bags, and after a quick call to Ahmet, we were also able to change our plans.
Originally, we had arranged to go to the pyramids on the Wednesday of the eclipse. Around Giza, the eclipse wouldn't be total, but at least we would be seeing it in a visually impressive setting. Riding camels around the ancient structures with a half-black sun seemed a decent consolation prize. But, since we got our bags back ahead of schedule, Ahmet was able to arrange a driver for us who could take us on the 9-hour overnight car ride across the western desert to catch the total eclipse in Sollum. He even found one more American kid to do the trip with us, dropping the price a significant amount.
So, we are sitting in the Ambassador Hotel now, waiting for our driver to come pick us up. Our adventure in Egypt is just beginning.


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