Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary

A little over a year ago, my tonsils were successfully ripped from the back of my throat through surgical procedure. The hope was that this surgery would prevent a re-occurance of the nasty sinus/throat infections that had been plaguing me for the past year. In particular, it would help me withstand the biological onslaught that an upcoming world trip was sure to bring.
Realizing this, I took a look over the two posts that I made on the subject, and read through the comments. To date, my first post on the procedure has been the most successful OC post ever, in terms of readership and subsequent commenting. Because of it, the term "swollen uvula" was, for a long time, the search term most successful in leading strangers to the website (only recently supplanted by "Mt. Fuji").

I'm glad I got that surgery. Since the trip began, I've only had one serious re-occurance of the sickness, and that was directly due to China's horrendous pollution controls.
Soon, I will be impervious to all known ailments.


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