Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Half a Decade

It has been five years since Operation Cromulent officially ended, and a lot has changed. I'm in New York, back in graduate school after a long hiatus, and Mike is being a family man deep in the heart of Europe. I still think about the trip almost every day, and Mike and I have managed a few reunions despite our busy schedules. Some of the memories are starting to get a little bit blurry, but, luckily, we have this here website as a handy archive for the interrogators.

Due to some server nonsense, we had to change the way things were done on the website. For a while, most of our videos were unreachable. Now, everything has been uploaded to youtube, and all of the videos are available through the video gallery. As an extra special bonus, I've added a link to the OC's Bollywood debut. If you look real hard, you can see Jason frolicking behind the bar.

There are still a few bum links sprinkled throughout the website, but we have Google working on that problem as we type.


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