Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Jason and Mike in the House

It's been a while since I updated, so I'll just give you a synopsis.

* Mike moved back to the Good Old USofA, and we are now "flatmates", to use his funny parlance. We're living in a big ol' house in N. Pasadena. It costs a bit more than what I was paying before, but, seeing as how I'm about to blow tens of thousands of dollars to live like a bum for a year, it ain't so bad. Plus, I have a yard.

* Our trip website was moved from the recently disbanded headjobfilms to the newly banded operationcromulent.com.

* I'm actually using bricenofamily.com now, too. I have a couple of photo albums up on my personal webpage. Running and gunning.

* Oh, and we got this big-ass map from one of those Skymall magazines. It's huge (8' x 13'), and dry-erase markeable. We've spent a quite a few man-hours now trying to get this map attached to our ceiling. It will be finished. It will be glorious.

I think I'm done now. All of this map paste is making me sleepy.


Blogger jason said...

We just had the housewarming party.
Thar be pictures off the starboard bow.

11/24/2004 7:41 AM gmt


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