Sunday, May 02, 2004

Vaccinations. Aw, yeah.

Thursday, I went to this place called The Healthy Traveler Clinic to check up on all of the innoculations I need to get for the trip. Steve (Mom's boyfriend) took a sailing trip around the Carribbean many years ago, and he advised me to look into the vaccinations way early. So, I went.

The doctor was a pretty cool guy, and we just talked about where I was planning on going, and what I was planning on doing. My answers were "the world", and "have unprotected sex with many prostitutes, while doing intravenous drugs through my cornea", respectively. Well, I lied about one of those. Anyway, I ended up getting some shots, which actually weren't that bad. The doc had this pinching trick that made the injection barely noticeable. I guess when you do nothing but inject people with shit all day long, you get pretty good at it.

The list:
Hepatitus A (One more shot in 6 months.)
Tetanus (my arm is still sore)
Yellow Fever
Rabies (I have to do two more over the next coupla months.)

I'm also taking these pills to innoculate me against Typhoid Fever for 5 years. I need to take 4 pills over a week, and I can't drink no alcohol. Damnit. Plus, he gave me a month's worth of Malaria pills to try out once the Typhoid regimen is done. During the trip, I'll have to take them when I'm in malaria areas, so I'm trying them now to make sure there are no side effects.

The best part, though, was that all of this innoculation business isn't covered by my insurance. So, I had cough up $630. Sweet.


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