Tuesday, January 25, 2000


June 13 - June 17

The official first stop of Operation Cromulent. Everying up to this point has been preparatory.

Estonia was a fine choice as a warm-up country. The language was very foreign and it was not quite on the normal tourist map, but it was relatively rich and there were plenty of English speakers to help along the way. The entire experience got us used to dealing with practical confusions, language issues, and working hard to meet locals.

Day by day breakdown:
  • Mon Jun 13th - Arrive from London around noon, check into hotel
  • Tue Jun 14th - Moved to cheaper hotel, exercise
  • Wed Jun 15th - Tour around Old Tallinn, ladies' night at Club Hollywood
  • Thu Jun 16th - Check out of hotel, hacky sack with Fins, board ferry to St. Pete
  • Fri Jun 17th - Arrive

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