Sunday, January 02, 2000

Temple of Heroes

The OC Temple of Heroes is a place of honor for people that have made contributions to the OC abve and beyond the normal call of duty.

Jonny C and Jenny T - Picked us up from Heathrow, gave us free room and board in Londinium, and generally helped us get wound back down after the madness of the NYC.

Tennis (sp?) - Set us up with some post-club Estonian breakfast and a place to have a few final laughs with our new Baltic lady friends.

Angela and Mamma - Showed us the sights of St. Petersburg in high style.

Daniel/Simona/Stacia/Polina - Grabbed us off the street and created an unforgettable evening of drinking, dancing, and conversation.

Kate and Nastia - Led a dusk 'till dawn tour of the finer parts or Irkutsk.

Professor Kolia - Just when it thought it was a myth, he demonstrated that the Russian propensity for drink is alive and well.

Leo R - Set us up with not one, but two free places to stay in super-expensive Tokyo.

Jonny R - Our tour guide to the underbelly of the Eastern Capital.

Wee Wee - Got shit straightened out when our Chinese bus driver tried to pull some scammy scamola.

Andrew - Went several hours out of his way to ensure that we had a decent place to stay at a fair price. He went so far as to personally inspect the room.

Vicki and Lilly - A chance meeting in Tiananmen Square led to a week of enthusiastic native guides in Beijing and beyond.

Cora - Her tenacious will to help the foreigner saved us from a torturous 19-hour ride through southern China the "hard way".

Erin L - After threatening for almost 4 years to come to Yangshuo, I finally did, and Erin was there to help us along every step of the way. She arranged places to stay, came to meet us in Guilin, and introduced us to all the right people (I love you Lily) and places. She was equally gracious when illness forced us to suddenly leave and hooked us up with friends in HK. Top marks (and big thanks) all around.