Sunday, January 02, 2000


May 30 - June 10

We have hired a boat out of Split, Croatia for one week. The crew assembled over a couple of days between Zagreb and Split. After the trip, Mike headed out alone to meet his parents while Jason delivered Jackie safely to her plane.

Day by day:
  • Tue May 30 - arrive late at night on train from bucharest via budapest, walk around town looking for a hotel but all is full, catch a taxi to a hostel outside of town and check in
  • Wed May 31 - up around 10:00, tram into town, stop off at bus station to check schedule to split, walk to train station to check timetable to split and to munich, walk up to near cathedral to drop off laundry, have a heavy lunch of croatian home cooking for lunch, back down towards train station to exchange money, up to tourist office to find a camping supply store, walk around a bit to find a trek towel but settle for a gym towel, stop at cafe for a beer and a snack, end up seeing x-men 3, return to hostel via tram to sleep
  • Thu June 1 - mike up at 05:45 to pick up atkin at train station, take tram back to hostel for a shower and to relax, travel to bus station to drop bags, leave jason there, atkin and astle head into town, take in croatian history museum and the city cathedral and a street market, mike gets involved in a street performance, cut down to pedestrian city for beer and a pizza, check out modern gallery, meet jason back at bus station, quick voyage by taxi to retrieve laundry, board bus for split, two stops along the way but otherwise quiet drive through green scenery, met by leo at the bus station offering private accomodation, a bit of confusion trying to find a place with 4 separate beds, jason and jackie decide to head to a hotel, mike and atkin eventually settle into an apartment a little out of town after have tea with a family, out to find a drink but end up just having a chicken sandwich and doing back to sleep
  • Fri June 2 - up around 09:00, head into town to find the internet, meet up with jason and jackie and go to net cafe to sort out crew list, jason gets on a bus for the airport to meet katia, others have a walk around town and some lunch, meet back up at hotel cafe for a beer, walk up to the apartment, jason and jackie head back to the hotel, katia has a nap whilst the mikes read and chat, all reassemble at the hotel and meet the mysterious falk, out to pizza place for dinner, meet troy at bus stop, back into town center for a couple of more beers before retiring
  • Sat June 3 - mikes up around 07:30 to start prepping breakfast, others arrive around 09:30 and have a fry-up, clean up and check out of apartment after making battle plan, mikes spend 2 hours at net cafe before attempting to walk to marina over a big hill, change plans and grab a taxi, arrive a bit late for boat orientation, others arrive a bit later, board the boat and store supplies, motor for 2 hours to milna, tie up at the dock just as a wedding party is coming out of the chapel, walk around the town a bit, stumble into a small wine cellar and get some local grog, take an american resident's advice and head for a fish restaurant a bit outside of the main city, eat a big meal, back to the boat to swill grappa and smoke before bed
  • Sun June 4 - woken up around 06:00 by horrible bells from the church, slowly the crew gets on their feet and has tea and breakfast, sail out to vis, some seasickness, cafe and internet upon arrival, snack it up on the boat, dinner at pizza place
  • Mon June 5 - out and around vis, anchor in cove for lunch, dingy around to cave for a snorkel, sail back to harbor, dinner and drinks in the marina, early-ish to bed
  • Tue June 6 - attempt to sail to korchula but get blown back to hvar by what might have been a tornado ("tarnado"), stop in marina oppostive hvar, 1 year anniversary champagne, taxi out to hvar, nice beefy dinner, dancing and hanging out, back to boat via taxi, crash
  • Wed June 7 - sail to nearby harbor and set anchor, explore hills with small hotel and goats, two ambushes / one successful, pasta dinner aboard, atkin and troy sleep on deck to keep watch
  • Thu June 8 - up around 08:00 and get things moving, sail towards bols but are pushed back by strong bora wind, resort to motoring directly into high waves to make it, tie up next to an unfriendly german-run power boat, mike stays aboard while others head out for lunch, the girls and jason go to the beach, atkin gathers advice from around the marina and it is concluded that we cannot stay the night, get everybody back aboard and sail/motor to milna with a brief stop for swimming, eat al fresco at a nice fish place, return to boat with a polish guitar player and singer in tow for more drinks, everybody collapses at some point
  • Fri June 9 - late start in milna, get out of harbor around noon, spend a bit of time waiting in line at the gas pump, good sailing towards split, drift in heave-to position and have pasta lunch, motor back into marina, showers after a celebratory drink, mike packs up and heads out with katya to train station via taxi, board train around 22:20 and sleep all the way to zagreb
  • Sat June 10 - mike arrives zagreb around 06:30, have lunch in the station, board train for munich around 7:30, watch the mountains go by across slovenia and austria, arrive in munich around 14:00

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