Tuesday, January 25, 2000


London is where I call home. We spent a few days here getting together last minute kit and bidding farewell to UK-based friends and family.

Day by day breakdown:
  • Tue Jun 7th - Landed in London, picked up by Jonny and Jenny, The Dogs with Overture UK folks
  • Wed Jun 8th - Slow day of recovery, BBQ with AM/FM and J-Rock
  • Thu Jun 9th - Lunch with Nic, train out to Wales, BBQ with Pat and Julie
  • Fri Jun 10th - Sleep in, train to London, pints with Pat and Ian B, dinner with Jonny, Jenny, AM/FM and J-Rock
  • Sat Jun 11th - [Uhhhh......]
  • Sun Jun 12th - Jason convalesces, Mike sees Kirsty R, Matthew A, and Robert H
  • Mon Jun 13th - Early flight out to Tallinn, Estonia