Saturday, February 19, 2005

More visa business

We've been shopping around a bit for visa services, and we've settled on one. Omega Passport and Visa Service in Glendale. They're going to help us set up our passports and initial visas. Also, it turns out that getting all of our visas ahead of time is not going to work out completely as planned. Most visas have a limited time of entry. This means that from the date of visa issuance, you have a set amount of time to enter the country. For those countries that care, this time period is 1-2 months. Fuckers.
Since there's no way to guarantee we can get those visas from whatever country we happen to be in at the time, we are going to have to get Omega to deal with the shit while we're on the road. In order for this to happen, we'll need to ask the state department real nice to give us a second passport. So... many... hoops.
But, we have lots of time, so I'm sure it will all work out in the end.


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