Friday, May 27, 2005

On The Road Again - Part II

Made it to Omaha at 3 AM. Slept until 8 AM in a little motel that just so happened to be bathed in the healing light of 802.11b. Is there anywhere that doesn't have free wireless these days? I feel mostly refreshed and ready to do another 500 miles to reach Chicago this evening. We will deliver Jason to his family and new nephew and I am looking to find my friend Kelly B that I met last summer in London. Tomorrow we do the final leg with a long haul all the way to Charleston or Columbia. The exact SC target is to be determined by my brother's whereabouts at the time and Thornwell's availability.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm starting to feel like a BlogStalker by reading all of your entries. Oooh... now they have jam. Ooooohhhh little bottles of water. Something about strippers. Woohoo!
:) And this is only the first week. Do I get a InternetStalker certificate by month 3, or is that still Stalker Internship?

5/27/2005 7:48 PM gmt


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