Saturday, May 07, 2005

Goodbye, Los Angeles.

We are going to be having an L.A. Bon Voyage party on Saturday, the 21st of May, at our house (Snatchison). The plan is to start the shenanigans at 2pm with a BBQ, and end it sometime late Sunday morning with embarrasing goodbyes. There may be Karaoke somewhere in the middle. Feel free to stop by whenever you feel it's appropriate.
Because we are white (-ish, in my case) college graduates, we have collected a lot of useless consumer crap, most of which we can't take with us on the trip. So, all guests are encouraged to take something with them when they leave the party. This can be anything from a fork to a washing machine. First come, first serve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember! I have dibs on the make out couch! If there's anybody on this planet that needs it, it's me.

5/09/2005 9:30 AM gmt


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