Saturday, April 30, 2005


It has now been over eight days since my tonsils were forcefully removed from my mouth by a cauterizing knife. I'm finally feeling well enough to write up a wonderful little description of day of the surgery.

Day 0 (Thursday):
I wake up this morning and immediately begin feeling anxious. I know that it's not a major surgery, but it is my first real one, and the idea of it is finally making me uncomfortable. Mike wakes up early with me and gets me to the hospital at 7:45am. Thanks, Mike.

I get checked in, fill in some more paperwork, get undressed and slip into one of those awesome hospital smocks. I am completely unable to tie those ridiculous loops in the back, so my ass is hanging out. Meh. I am just taken directly to bed anyway. I have a very nice nurse, and we chat for a bit. I am trying to sound very nonchalant about the whole surgery thing, but I'm sure she can tell that I'm totally bluffing. We talk about the science thing, and the world trip thing, and some other things.

Then begins the poking.

I really don't like needles. It's not the pain, though. You can pinch me all day long, and I've got no problems. It's that feeling of having something underneath my skin. Something that's either pushing fluid into or sucking blood out of my body. It's very unnerving, and has caused me to faint more than once. I tell the nurse this, and she smiles and says she'll be quick. She's not. She tries the vein near the top of my left wrist. Insert. Wriggle. Wriggle. Tap-tap. Hmm. Wriggle. Tap. Nope. Next up, right wrist. Guess what happens? Good guess. Both of arms are now bleeding, but no IV. She's slightly embarrassed, and says that we'll just wait for my doctor to swing by, since he loves doing IVs.

It turns out that he doesn't actually love doing IVs, and isn't that great at it, either. He goes for a vein on the top of my left hand. He spends two minutes in there fiddling the needle around, trying pierce that stupid vein. No luck. My hand is still bruised there.

Holes in me: 3. IVs in me: 0.

So, the anesthesiologist comes rolling around. Can he do it? Can he!? Yes! He uses the big, juicy vein on the inside of the left elbow. One quick prick, and I'm golden. IV in. Juices flowing. Finally, it's all over.

Oh, wait. I still have to do the surgery. Fuck.

Actually, the surgery is easy. They roll me into the operating room, put a mask over my face, and put me to sleep. Then, they cut my shit up.

I wake up to a nurse googooing over me.

"C'mon, now. Jason. C'mon, Jason. Wake up. Wake up. Heeeyyyyy. Hello. How are you feeling?"

I feel weird. Like that feeling you get right when you first wake up, but it won't go away. And there's something in the back of my throat that's making it hard to breath. I find out it's my extra-swollen uvula. I sit there for about two hours, slowly regaining consciousness, with a nurse stopping by every 15 minutes or so, making sure that I'm OK. They give me ice chips to suck on. That's when I first notice how difficult it is to swallow. But, it doesn't hurt too bad, so I'm not that worried.

Eventually, Mike comes back. He's here to pick me up, which means I can finally leave this hospital. It's a little tricky, but I slide out of bed, hobble to the changing room, and dress myself in real-person clothes. 15 minutes later, Mike and I are on the road, back home.
That's when the pain starts to pick up.

Luckily, I had gotten all of the prescriptions I needed yesterday, and Christina was getting them filled now. By the time I got home, she should have them ready for me. I ask Mike to call her just too be sure. This way, I can be drugged out of my mind for the rest of the afternoon, and leave the pain for another day. I get home at 1pm.

At 2pm, Christina's still not here, but Matt and Nilma show up to see how the surgery went. I'm sure I look like shit, and I'm in that not-so-nice space between post-surgery haze and rising pain. They sit around my bed for a bit and chat, and I try to be cordial. But, it's fairly apparent that I'm in pain, and it's hard for me to talk, so they leave after not too long. I ask Mike to call Christina. He says that she says that she'll be here shortly.

It's 3pm and Christina's still not here. I ask Mike to call her again, to find out were she is. It turns out she won't be here until 4pm. What? My whole head hurts right now.

It's 4pm and Christina's still not here. My head is pounding. My ears are killing me. My nose is swollen and bleeding. It's hard to breath. Even my teeth hurt. What. The. Fuck.

It's 5pm, and Christina finally shows up. She's comes bounding up the stairs and smiles into my room, where I'm hunched over my desk like death. I literally grab the pharmacy bag from her and growl something about taking so long. I'm sure she's sorry, but I can't tell, and I don't care. I'm in a shitload of pain, so I quickly read through the pharmacist's pamphlets and warnings. I think She tries to say something to me, but I ignore her and down my Hydrocodone. Christina heads back downstairs and rattles around the kitchen with Mike and Amy while I crawl into bed and hope the pain goes away soon.

She tells me later that she cried.

(... continue...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i just goggled swollen uvula and your blog came up! I just got my tonsils removed today and they never told me my uvula was swollen (dont know if it was or not). Anywho, i had never been to thathospital and neither had my mom... i'm 24 btw. when i got discharged, we tried finding the pharmacy, got lost, found it only to be told they ran out of my meds i needed, called a taxi to the wrong entrace, got lost again and then i started gagging! When i got home, i checked in the mirror and BANG a nice huge uvula! we tried calling my dr but she was already gone for the day (surgery must have made her tired!!!) anywho. its now 1am and uvula is still swollen. Did they tell you this was normal? what to do to make that uvula size go down? Any help would be so much appreciated i'm trying not to freak out. If you want, you can e-mail me at

Thanks :)

8/09/2005 5:14 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got mine removed Thursday morning. I'm 17 yr. old girl and my best friend and mother took me. Oh, I had the best doctor. Really nice guy. They asked me how I felt after surgery and I was like, "GREAAAAAT." That was around 9 in the morning. By 3 in the afternoon, the medicine had worn off and I cried like a bitch. Well, here it is Saturday and I still haven't ate...I don't feel like eating. I got that ugly (rather smelly) white scabs on the back of my throat and my uvula is so swollen. I can't talk either which is pissing me off beyond reason. I just wanted to take a minute and say that I totally relate to your gotta go eat some more ice. Thanx!

8/14/2005 12:35 AM gmt

Blogger jason said...

I'm glad you guys got something useful out of this posting. I just did it for myself mostly, to help me remember what it was like to go through all of that bullshit.

Fred: I wish I had noticed your comment earlier. I remember freaking out a little that first night because of the swelling. The nurse had told me not to worry, but in the back of my mind, I kept seeing myself choking to death in my sleep. But, after a day or two, the swelling went down and it wasn't so bad.

anonymous: Yeah. The not eating was probably the unhealthiest part of the whole affair. I ended up losing 20 lbs. My only suggestion to you is to try to eat as much as you can, even if its only little swallows here and there. It's harder for your body to recover if it's malnourished. I found that the easiest things for me to eat were health shakes. Slimfast and such.

8/14/2005 3:40 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, you guys just made MY day! I just got my tonsils out yesterday,and I felt like I had researched everything pretty darn well. But NOWHERE in all of my pre-surgery reading did I see anything about the whole swollen uvula bit. It's really a rather large pain in the ass. How long did it take for this crap to go away???? The thing is taking up every last inch of my THROAT. At this rate, I was better off having my TONSILS back there!

8/27/2005 9:56 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOLOL! Yeah, I hear ya. It has now been a full week since my surgery, and the uvula is still larger than life. And I just noticed today that my TONGUE is swollen, as well. And I keep having to get my pain medication refilled. Here, it's like a freaking opiate, and I feel like I have to justify why I need more--like I'm a crackhead looking desperately for my next fix. NOW, my throat is not just hurting, but it BURNS. Did any of you guys have/ARE any of you guys HAVING problems with a burning feeling at the back of your throat?

I've never left comments like this before, but I agree with what was said guys are like my little support group or something!!! lol

9/02/2005 11:09 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, you guys rock. This blog looks pretty old, but I figgured I'd add as well. I had my tonsils removed 9 days ago. My uvula is still swollen like crazy. Damn it. I'm still in pain, this process has been crazy how long it takes to recover. Anyways, it was a relief to see that other people had swollen uvula's and didn't die. Stupid uvula shmooovula. I looked up what its purpose is and all it does is help you speak arabic and snore. Gay totally gay. They should have just removed that as well. Oh well, thanks for making me feel normal once again.

11/06/2005 8:00 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just had my tonsils chopped out this morning. Went to bed at midnight had to leave the house at 4AM check in at 5:30AM and sit and wait till 8 sharp when they knocked me out and di the surgery in 10 minutes. I was a bit anxious and it didn't help that I was short on sleep. My advice is if you can't rest the night before ask your doc for something to help you get to sleep or take a benadryl so you can have you're energy the day of. When I first woke up I coughed a bit but had very little bleeding. My throat wasn't very swollen at all at this time and I was still pretty zonked from anesthesia and fentonal (or however you spell it). My doc gave me a steroid as well during surgery which will help with some of the swelling. Alas, it's 3 AM and the uvula looks like a second tongue dangling in my throat. Can't sleep on my back but side is fine. I feel "up" even though i have hyrdocodone ativan and the rest of the stuff that is still wearing off in me. Regardless this page eased my tension and gave me a good laugh at our shared situation :p

Fun did you know?

Dogs can get tonsillitis.

Tonsils are useless after age of 3. (according to SOME researchers)

As you get older you're adenoids will recess, I asked the doc if he was taking those out and he said you don't have any (i'm 24). If you're a teen though you might have em out. Better then having a vestigial tale :p

11/10/2005 9:10 PM gmt

Blogger jason said...

Holy fucking cowhole! I can't believe people are still posting on this thread. It seems to be one of the more popular entries on this here travel blog. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. In any case, I'd like to give a shout-out to all my follow tonsil-less folk.
It feels like that surgery happened a lifetime ago.

11/14/2005 1:29 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got my tonsils out four days ago. My uvula is so swollen that I feel like I'm going to choke and die on it. When does this go down. I feel like I could talk if I didn't have this problem. My throat doesn't even hurt that bad. It's the freaking uvula that is driving me nuts. Is there any drug I can take now to help it go down? I called the Dr. and the nurse said to drink more water. Bullshit. If I drink any more water i'm going to explode.

11/21/2005 3:29 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something led me back to this site...I posted two comments back in August, when I had my tonsils out, and I couldn't BELIEVE I came back here and people are still posting stuff. That is A-FREAKING-MAZING!!! (In a very, very good way). So, for the last person who wrote and asked how long that damn swollen uvula shit happens, I remember it taking like a week before mine went totally back to normal. But I noticed SOME improvement after three or four days...

If it makes anyone feel better, my throat is totally, totally better, and I'm so glad I got those damn things OUT!! So hang in there, oh fellow monster-uvula-carriers. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You just can't see it right now, cause your damn uvula is fucking blocking the tunnel's opening! :)

11/23/2005 1:51 AM gmt

Blogger jason said...

The swollen uvula was only a problem for a day or so for me. It was probably swollen for much longer than that (much like everything back there was), but the throat-blocking level of swelling went down after the first night or so, I think.
However, my memories have been sullied by the drugs I was on during, and the intervening time since, so I could be totally lying.

11/28/2005 7:33 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had my tonsils out yesterday and this was the first hit actually worth reading for what to expect post-op.

Like many here I'm suffering the grotesquely swollen uvula. I also have the white "scabs" where the tonsils used to be, dotted with what I think is congealed blood. Truly disgusting I know. But it may proves comforting info to the next person reading this to figure out whether the back of her throat is recovering "normally."

Overall, I'm basically completely fine less than 24 hours after the surgery save some swelling and difficulty swallowing. I have pain but would rate it as only slightly worse than a really sore throat. By comparison, it is nowhere near as painful as a serious middle ear infection.

Drug-wise, I'm on good-tasting, pink amoxicillin, and lortab elixir. The lortab is at a 7.5 mg/tablespoon dosage every four hours. I have never been able to take opiate-based pain relievers w/o getting totally foggy-headed and nauseous, but this low-dose elixir leaves me perfectly fine. A bit of exhaustion, but my stomach and head are clear.

First day I ate fruit popsicles, water, cream of wheat (cold), and clear chicken broth made from scratch by momma. Second day I've moved onto a protein shake and soon am going to have pinto bean broth. I am getting sooo hungry though, and have been downing as much liquid food as I can. I think it's really important to eat well. I think my first steak in a couple weeks is going to taste fantastic.

Good luck to those contemplating or recovering from this surgery. You'll be fine--and no more throat infections!


2/18/2006 3:26 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

had my tonsils out friday morning about 9am. its now saturday night about 11pm. i too have a swollen uvula, its huge and kinda gross lookin right now. its nice to know this is normal (from all the other posts here). im on two meds, the pink amoxicillin (15ml every 12 hours) and for pain im on roxicet (10ml every 6 hours). this roxicet stuff is no joke... really knocks out the pain. the scabs where my tonsils use to be are turning a whiteish color now, which i guess is what is suppose to happen.
im 27 btw, just started having a lot of sore throats in the last year or two. typical mid-twenties tonsil case i guess. anyhow, ill stop writing now, just wanted to contribute to this blog seeing as it was so nice to read all the other stories/posts on here!
hang in there all you fellow tonsillectomy ppl, only a few more days of discomfort and things will be better!

2/26/2006 4:55 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had mine exactly a week ago and am suffering mainly from the swollen uvula syndrome. its so irritating because it makes it so difficult to talk. do any of you experience this constant gagging feeling when trying to talk with a swollen uvula?

here's my experience on bleeding which hopes it'll help some sufferers

i experienced pretty bad bleeding on the 4th-6th day of post op recovery. and by bleeding i dont mean blood streaks but like chunks of congealed blood coming out on an hourly basis. i believe its because i kept my phlegm (refusing to swallow cos it just hurts so bad) at the back of my throat. but anyhow I was on the verge of heading back to the clinic but decided against doing so. turns out that the bleeding is normal and aggravated by the kinds of food you eat. the bleeding would stop whenever i took an icy slosh or a really cold drink. so sufferers out there who are experiencing bleeding, I'd say give it a good 2 days and dont panic unless you are constantly spitting out blood and ice chips dont work for you at all.

i'm in my full week after post op and the pain is getting more manageable. the white stuff is covering a big portion of where my tonsils are and i believe the road to recovery is near.

thanks to the comments on this blog i found a lot of information which i couldnt have otherwise. tks!

3/07/2006 2:31 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read all these blogs before my tonsillectomy/andoid-whatever and I was like...umm it cant be too bad. It's my fifth day and I am pretty much suicidal!! Hahaha, it hurts soooooo unbelievably bad. I have been drinking water constantly though because my brother had complications so my mom is making sure I drink alot, and she wakes me up every 2 hours in the night. Anyways, as much as it sucks I am glad I did it because swollen tonsils SUCK!!!

3/15/2006 3:36 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had my tonsils removed about 12 hours ago. The pain medication keeps me pretty knocked out so the pain is not too bad. The biggest problem is the damn swollen uvula. I feel like I'm going to swollow my uvula. I was thinking about calling the doctor until I ran across this blog. It's good to know that others are having the same issue.

In the post-op discussion they went over 100 different things, but they failed to mention anything about the uvula taking up half your throat. It seems like that would be something worth mentioning.

3/25/2006 3:05 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found this blog. I thought I was the only weirdo who had an uvula as big as a house. =/ I had my tonsils out almost 3 days ago, and I feel like hell. I've been doped up on Percocet for most of the time, though, which has helped, but when that wears off, I can't even swallow. Anyways....thanks for the posts. I feel a lot better about my own issues, and figure I can deal with a few more days of this nonsense before going back to the doctor.

4/10/2006 4:55 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting comments. This site is almost all the useful info there is on the subject of swollen uvulas after getting one's tonsils removed. I'm glad I found this site. I was ready to call the doctor or go back to the hospital. Apparently re-reading the sheet from the hospital, swelling in the area of the surgery for about 72 hours is normal but they don't specifically say the uvula will grow to triple size and block your throat uncomfortably. I also heard the older you are the worse it is. I'm in my mid-thirties. Popsicles, freezies and lots of water help with the swelling. Don't ever let your throat feel dry at all. Keep sipping.

4/11/2006 1:54 PM gmt

Blogger jason said...

Word up, peeps. It occured to me that the anniversary of my and my tonsil's painful seperation had recently passed, so I figured I'd have a good read over the various comments that have been left on this post, and reminisce.


OK. I'm done reminiscing now. Really I just wanted to say that things have been great since my tonsils said bye-bye. I've only had one infection this year, and that was due more to China's disastrous pollution problems than any tonsil malfeisance. I can tell that I'm a lot healthier now, and I'm not getting sick everytime I get wet or cold or bored.
That makes me happy.

4/26/2006 3:32 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To you guys I probably seem really old (just turned 40), but I too am a reluctant member of the tonsillectomy/major swollen uvula club. My surgery was on 5/6. I'm so glad I found this site, because I too thought I was the only one with this problem (my doctor failed to mention this lovely little side effect, and also way downplayed the recovery). I kid you not, he actually said "Some of my patients are eating cheeseburgers the day after surgery"... Bull. Needless to say I have lost some of my trust in him! More than anything, I just want to know when this stupid uvula will be back to normal so I can talk and eat without worring about choking to death.

5/10/2006 11:19 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how cool I had my tonsills out about 12 hours ago too, and was doing good pain wise till my uvula swelled up, now its laying on the back of my tounge and I feel like i am gaging on it. Hope this getts better soon, I can handle the raw soar thoat, but this swelling is killing me.

5/11/2006 6:16 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Had my tonsils removed thursday afternoon 5-11-06. 45 yr old male, with large, often sore and typically cryptic tonsils. I just simply got sick of em. Time to finally do something about them. Im looking forward to many years without the discomfort and associated tonsilith odor.

The surgery went well, first thing i remember after going into the OR was waking up in the recovery room. Ive been hearing horror stories for many years about the pain involved in recovery. Im happy to say that so far im not suffering too much at all. Its day 3 for me now. Sore throat, but not as sore as when i would get strep throat as a kid.

I checked into this site, because like everyone else here i was noticing my uvula laying on the back of my tongue. When i was in the recovery room, i was reclined back, causing my uvula to dangle over my open throat, not noticing how large it had become. Its only when i sit upright that i feel the uvula on my tongue. The uvula on my tongue seems to want to trigger my gag reflex. That probably partially explains why i threw up when i arrived home after the procedure. I was sitting up-right in the car on the way home. I might also believe the dwindling effects of the anesthesia might have had an effect too. Since then, ive made an effort to stay mostly reclined, to avoid the gag reflex effect. Im on roxicet for pain.. 1 1/2 tsp every 5 hours. The pink liquid is an antibiotic, and the celebrex pill is an anti inflamitory. taken twice a day.

Ive enjoyed serbet, ice water, popsicles..and have begun eating chickenbroth, chicken noodle soup, cream of wheat, soupy scrambled eggs. I have not lost any weight so far. im drinking lots of water which i think is key to easy recovery, keeps the scabs soft.

Ive read that days 4-9 are borderline agony, as the scabs begin to slough off. im not there yet and hope to avoid that pain by keeping the scabs well hydrated.

when i sleep reclined, ive noticed that if i breath through my nose that the inhale is normal,but the exhale causes my swollen uvula to flop forward and seal the air exit through my nasal passage. If i lay with my head turned, or lay on my side, the uvula falls to one side,then the plugged exhale effect goes away and im able to inhale and exhale through my nose with my mouth closed. i think breathing with a closed mouth helps prevent the scabs from drying out while you sleep. dry scabs are a no-no.

so, im really looking forward to my uvula returning to its normal size. ive got another week or so to go at least, but so far its been less painfull than i expected.


5/13/2006 6:34 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had mine out as well on the 11th. None of it has been as bad as this week I am getting calls for interviews and people want me to come in by the end of the week. With my Uvula as big as a house I am sure I will impress some potential employers

5/15/2006 8:19 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had my tonsils out the morning...not just that...I moved to Australia for 7 months, got pneumonia the tonsils stayed huge, came back to the US went to an ENT who said "ohhh u need your tonsils, adnoids out. And a deviated septum fixed and your sinuses cleared and drill the passages open more!" Well they said do it all together instead of going under twice..they PROMISED tons of good drugs and I was so anxious to feel better I said why not...ANYWAY..I went this morning, and things went well, I woke up and was out of it the entire day..the fun part...since I had my tonsils and adnoids out, my septum fixed and sinuses drilled I cant breathe through my I have to leave my mouth open so it dries out so fast and since I had my tonsils out u can imagine how my throat constantly being dry feels. HOWEVER..after choking on the first ice chip they gave me I thought great, I had my tonsils out cuz I was sick of feeling like I was choking..and now Im choking more than ever! I was in so much pain when I woke up and they asked me to rate it on a scale of 1-10..I guess I didnt understand and answered my age, 21, so they gave me morphine and of course, I ended up being allgeric to it causing the nurses to freak out and give me benadryl. Nobody mentioned my uvula, it's kinda of resembling a carrot the way it keeps growing downwards. When they discharged me the packing in my nose couldnt control the bleeding so they had to spit sucker up my nose..then as my mom went to pick up my hydrocod whatever, the pharmacy was conveinently OUT of it. I was in so much pain I couldnt wait the THREE days to order it so the solution? The doctor called me in A PILL...sidebar..didnt i just get my tonsils out?? Do u honestly expect me to swallow a pill???? This is absolutely horrible. Im not even hungry and have drank water all day. I cant fall asleep cuz I constantly feel like Im choking on this damn punching bag hanging back there. Work only gave me off for 4 days...ya right. I need like 24 days. I searched the internet for swollen uvula because my doctor wasnt answering and I was trying not to laugh (it hurts) tears were streaming down my face. U guys are hilarious every comment was so funny and I feel so much better after reading it!!

5/17/2006 12:44 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crazy, I had my tonsils out on 5/10 so I'm about a week out now. I had a septoplasty and sinus surgery like you did as well, and only being able to breathe through my mouth has proved interesting to say the least. I woke up the first few nights to actually rub my finger across my tongue which is totally sandpaper when it's all dried out.

What I'm surprised with is how the pain got much worse for me, before it is getting better. The first four days I thought I had a high pain tolerence but now I just feel like a baby. The pain was unbearable from day five to now, and is finally getting better. People need to know that! It's such a lonely kind of pain. It's nice to know that other people understand.

5/17/2006 3:07 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is exactly what the doctor ordered! You all are right...they don't tell you about the swollen larger than life uvula! I just had my tonsils out yesterday and last night I thought I was going to obstruct my airway for sure! I called the doctor-on-call and he said...that's normal. Oh it normal not to be able to breath too? I have yet to sleep since the surgery, because I end up sitting up abruptly gasping for air and then get all freaked out about suffocating! My tongue feels equally bad too! It is so swollen and sore. What the heck did they do to my mouth?? I'm on day 2 and I feel like complete dogshit! It's good to hear that you all share my pain. It's the lonely "swollen uvula" club and I'm subscribing!!

5/19/2006 12:42 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really amazing. Im 23 year old girl, sitting upnorth in cold Norway, trying to make my life normal again after having my tonsils removed yesterday! I cant believe that noone of you, or me, had heard of the uvula-case before the surgery. I asked the nurse that "took care of me" how long I shuold expect having it so damn big, but she ment that it should get smaller within a few hours.. Yeahright.. But I guess that its all over in a few weeks, allthough (?) now it feels like it will take months.. So searhing on the internett to learn more about this big dangeling thing brought me here, fantastic!!
Nice to see that you survived this shit, Jason=) Sorry about my spelling, btw. Its probably good entertainment for you guys ive seen has written here before:P Well, uvula, bad breath an feeling like shi.. Good to know im not the only one..

5/24/2006 12:48 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Derick from Baltimore MD here. Had mine done 5-22-06. What a surprise, like everyone else, i didnt get the memo about the uvala. Its like a hidden conspiracy or someting. Looking back on about a years time in this blog, its nice to see there is hope ahead, or else I would end it now, JK! Hang in there SIW, I'm here with ya, day 3 and counting...

5/24/2006 1:44 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my tonsils removed last year and a UPPP done due to severe sleep apnea. I have severe persistent Asthma all my life and have had some close calls with it but nothing like what I had following surgery. I was told before hand, when I woke to remember to focus on taking a breath. Well I woke wide awake and could not move any air at all, not even able to tell them what was wrong. In the panic I tried to pointing at my throat to show them I was not moving air and 4 of them grabbed both my arms and legs, with 3 more sitting on me over the stretcher. After what seem like hours passing, I passed out.

I awoke the next day in the ICU with a tube in my sore throat. I wanted to scream and could not because of the tube. I was in pain as they told me they could not give me much pain medications, so I could breathe on my own and get the tube out. What felt like acid pored down my throat into my lungs they pulled the tube out! I screamed as loud as I could muster and then was told to calm down and not disturb other patients. They gave me some pain killers but sure not enough to make a dent in what my throat felt like. They put me on the floor for 24 hours and the doctor came in. He made it sound like it was my fault, he said I started to get up and leave. I said if I could breathe it would not have happened. He just played it down and walked out the room. I still have nightmares about that recovery room waking dripping wet with sweat screaming at night every once in a while.

The throat is fine and I am still on CPAP and was not able to get off of it. Welcome to the nightmare! Good luck with your surgery!

5/27/2006 2:06 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog was teriffic. I'm 18 and I got my tonsils taken out last Tuesday, and it was soo terrible. I feel you on every point... they took 4 painful tries on the IV (which still hurts) and the pain really started to kick in when i tried to drink water. OUCH!!! but the one thing i wasn't anticipating was the size of my Uvula. It's now day 6 after my surgery and my Uvula is still massive! Is that normal?!?!

5/29/2006 7:15 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted something a few weeks ago when I had my tonsils out 5/16..its been three weeks and I decided to share the rest of my tale with you. So like I said, I had my tonsils & adenoids out, a deviated septum fixed and my sinuses drilled open to make passages bigger..had all that done together. By day 3 and 4 I was in agony so my mom called the doctor and he called in Actiq lolipops for me..I started to cry because I thought great, Im in a ton of pain these damn painkillers arent working and they prescribe me lolipops??!! I took one and felt like I was on another planet..I googled them and found out they were fetanyl lolipops..given to cancer patients going through chemotherpy to help breakthrough pain!! Its supposedly 10,000 times more potent than morphine..they were so strong and put me right to sleep and they tasted good too. So day 5 I had a doctors apt. and ended up puking in the car reopening my throat and making it bleed..they wanted to quarterize it cuz it wasnt stopping!! My main problem was my throat kept bleeding, be careful of that cuz my friend had his tonsils out and swallowed so much blood they pumped his stomach and he needed a blood transfusion. So its been 3 weeks and now I keep coughing up scabs from my gross. I still cant eat a lot, and I have a really hard time swallowing things and sleep sitting up because I always still feel like Im gonna choke in my sleep. Also at the end of week 2, my throat was KILLING ME, it felt like step throat and it felt so raw it was so painful. Just eat a LOT of ice chips constantly and drink a lot of gatorade...I also took my painkillers with Adult rapid release liquid really helped the pain. I wish this sore throat would go away...I went to the doctor yesterday and he claimed it was normal to cough up black chunks of stuff..he also had an intern med student there analyzing my throat with me. I also feel so weak from laying around for 2 weeks..I went to the mall yesterday went to 2 stores and left to take a nap. What a mess...good luck to people who have this done. SO painful!!!!!

6/06/2006 5:14 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi gang...

I posted may 13, 2 days after my may 11 tonsilectomy. Heres a short follow up.

I was fortunate that i didnt suffer the effects of pain and bleeding which is typical of the 'horror story' tonsilectomy.

I stayed hydrated which was important. I was kind of bold with my meal intake. On day 7 i flew a little too close to the sun...and tried spaghettios. I havent had them in 35 years, but i figured they were soft and easy to prepare. Of course i knew going into it that the tomato sauce is acidic, but i was testing the waters. I had been doing really well for the first week. Anyways..i could only swallow 3 spoons of those acidic spaghettios befor i threw them in the garbage. Heed the warnings of tomato sauce...its real. On day 10, while running around car shopping, i again tested the throat. I ate my first real solid food in 11 days. I ate a hotdog!!! Of course i had to chew each bite for 5 minutes until it was the consistancy of babybood before i could swallow and follow with a gulp of water. It took me 25 minutes to eat that damn hotdog, but did it ever taste good!!!

At 18 days after the procedure i was able to eat anything i want, 'except' for those kettle fried vinegar and salt flavored potato chips that i like.

I went back to work, (computer desk job) on day 12. I began weaning myself off the roxicet on day 10, and day 12 i was painkiller free. The throat was still sore, and covered with white scabs, but i was not feeling too bad. After 3 weeks i went in for the post opp check up. The doc informed me that he had in fact removed about 1/3 of my uvula during the tonsilectomy process. He said it would have hung 3 inches down the back of my throat if he hadnt shortened it. I think he was exaggerating a little bit, but he did say that it was huge and swollen. Im happy that he shortened it. He asked if i was experiencing a slight discomfort when i would yawn. I replied that i did notice that effect. Apparently its the new tissue and remaining scabs being stretched when you go into a big yawn. Pretty normal stuff apparently.

Ive noticed that since the tonsilectomy, im no longer able to clear my throat the way i used to do. And i cant make certain sound effects with my mouth any more either. I suppose all that loose floppy flesh in there that is now missing is the reason.

Today, 29 days after the procedure i can still feel a slight sensation in my throat when i swallow, but its not really what i would call painfull. Ive resumed my lifestyle fully, except that im avoiding aspirin which thins the blood and could cause bleeding. Another week and i think the whole episode will be no more than a memory. The uvula is not a problem.

Thanks for providing the blog, nice to see what other people are experiencing.


6/09/2006 12:40 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this site has been so helpful. It has been nine days since my tonsillectomy and my uvula is still swollen all the way down my throat. What was even worse is that on day 7, I threw up. Not only did I throw up my food, but I threw up my uvula. Of course it was still attatched, but it was on the outside of my tongue instead of hanging down in my throat. After a couple of swallows, I swallowed it back into position, but it was truly terrifying. I hope relief is coming soon, but mine has not gone down at all in swelling.

6/09/2006 3:56 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was the most informational "article" I've read. Surgery was on 6/7/06. As of 6/11/06 still unable to eat. My swollen uvula is what's making it impossible to swallow anything, even water burns. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

6/12/2006 5:02 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was unsure if brushing teeth was allowed, but I had to. Very gently and not very good but it made my mouth feel a little better. My 1 week post-op proves to be worse for my ears. Wakes me up in the night and unable to control the EXTREME pain until the meds kick in. If this happens to you, flying will be the last thing on your mind. You may want to rethink.
When I have my post-op check-up, I will address to Dr office and the hospital all the issues that the patients really need to be informed of. Fluid intake, swollen uvula, brushing teeth, horrible ear pain. Take care of yourself.

6/14/2006 6:04 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I got my tonsils remove yesterday noon. The anesthesia made me vomit pretty much after the first popsicle the nurse gave me. After the second time I vomit, she put something in the AV and that helped the vomit stop. When I got home I went directly to bed and took a two hour nap. When I woke up, I felt something in the back of my nose like a berry, I check in the mirror and here you go: Super Uvula was hanging there!

I was pretty worried, but I didn't say anything to my husband, watch a movie and tried to calm down. Before going to bed I googled about swollen uvulas and could find that it is something that "sometimes" happens. I went to bed normally and Super Uvula didn't let me sleep with my face up, so I have to sleep on the side, not a big deal.

The pain hasn't been bad, but I am getting ready for days 5 to 9 that according to other people in this blog, are the worse days of the recovery.

I had a liquid diet yesterday and today I started my day with Banana Bread Instant Oatmeal (I prepared it very thin) and Clam Chawder soup for lunch with chocolate ice cream. During the afternoon I haven't stop drinking water and chewing ice and I feel that in a way is helping the feeling of Super Uvula get a little better.

I am a little scared about the scab coming off but certanly this blog has made me feel much better! Thanks!

6/20/2006 10:45 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So this website is pretty old, but I had my tonsils taken out a nine days ago and until yesterday I had no problems at all.

I was fine. I had even thrown up a bunch of times from doing drugs and i was going out with my friends the very next day after my surgery. THe only awful time I had was in the morning when i woke up and my throat was SO SO SO dry from not drinking anything all night and breathing with my mouth wide open.

So the 8 days after my surgery I had my post-op appt. Everything was dandy and right before i left the doc told me that if i experience bleeding gargle ice water! So im out with my boyfriend we're just watching tv and now i know my scab fell off butmy throat started bleeding tons of blood. I laid down thought it had stopped and didn't freak. Then I went to find a phonebook to get my doctors number and i felt sick and ended up throwing up twice blood clots as large as my hand. I guess our stomachs aren't meant to handle blood.

So I got to my car called my parents and wound up in the emergency room till 1 in the morning so a doctor could tell me that this is fucking normal and it happens all the time.

Next time I go to see my doctor I will be sure to fucking let him know to inform new patients of this awful experience that might happen.

As for the day after the horrible bleeding. I feel great, my throat has never felt so good since the surgery. SO i hope if someone else stumbles onto this blog like I did, my story helps them.


And eat some icey liquid to make a new scab take form!

6/24/2006 11:49 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there!

I have noticed that all the information of most of it is oriented to tonsillectomy in children. Even what the nurse gave me at the clinic was talking about what to do and expect your children to feel after surgery. There is, however a big difference between having this surgery when you are a kid and your tonsils are not rooted as they are as an adult and the vessels in that area are less. I am posting here the url of a blog with info on tonsillectomy in adults that I hope can help:

6/27/2006 5:04 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wheee Siws back=)
My tonsils are gone and I have the cutest little uvula! I took a glance in the mirror yesterday, and didnt really believe my eyes! The big dangeling supersized meatball hanging in my throat after the surgery, had shrunk into maybe 5mm in lenght! Weird! But I probably never forget the pain and the torture i went throuh(?) that days after the surgery..I even lost a few kilos caused by not eating, and they are still gone! Positive!!=) Ready for summer!! To all of you who happens to read this blog, that just have had surgery, or are going to do it: its worth it! No matter the pain and long days and nights! I havent had swollwen tonsils since!!haha-because theyre gone!!! whee=) hugz Siw

7/10/2006 8:41 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I just had my tonsils taken out yesterday morning and it doesnt feel as bad as my last sore throat. When I woke up in the recovery room, I couldnt see anything! Everything was so blurry! I was so scared, but after about 10 minutes, everything cleared up again. I was also shivering like crazy! The nurse told me that she has 5 blankets on me fresh out of the microwave and I couldnt stop shaking. But that too went away. After having a few ice chips and a couple popsickles, I got dressed and left the hospital. Total time there: 4 hours.

I was really hungry after the surgery and I thought that I could down some pancakes, so my mom took me to Big Boys and I had two swallows and ordered it to go. It was like I had no saliva in my mouth so no matter how much I chewed, it didnt feel ready to swallow.

I got the usual amoxil and tylenol with codeine and the tylenol burned so bad when I was swallowing it! I drank as much water as I could, it wasnt that hard to swallow and I kept a water bottle next to my bed at night so every time I rolled over and realized I was a bit awake, I took three sips, it hurt but I knew it would hurt a lot more if I waited til morning until drinking again. I also had to pee so much, like every two hours! So I knew I was keeping myself hydrated. Later that day, before going to bed, I managed to finish my pancakes, as long as I cut small pieces and drenched them in syrup.

Well, its day two right now and I'm keeping up with my water intake. I'm hungry but I dont feel like going out to the store to buy anything. I really want a milkshake though, I wonder if thats okay to drink. My uvula, HUGE, it doesnt really hang down more than it is wide! I wonder WHY that happens, what do they do during the surgery to make it swell up so bad! I dont think it would hurt as much to swallow if that thing wasnt so huge! Every time I try to clear my throat, I cant cuz of that stupid uvula, I can only sleep on my side, and right after the surgery I felt like there was a bunch of flegmn back there, but the nurse told me because of all the swollen tissue in my throat, it feels like flegmn but its just swollen tissue. I feel like putting anything too hot or too cold hurts my throat more than taking something at room temp.

I only get eight days off of work so I hope thats enough time!

Good luck everyone!

7/20/2006 1:53 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow I agree more info here than other places on web. My son (fourteen) had his tonsils and adnoids out yesterday (monday) and is pretty miserable. He had been having bouts of tonsilitis and strep ..also an abscessed tonsil that was a horrible ordeal that they said would come back so we went with the surgery. I thought I was prepared and had done my homework but NO ONE and NO WHERE did I learn about this swelling of the UVULA horror. My poor son is in pain but I think that would be somewhat tolerable with the meds but this swollen uvula..that is another problem. What do you even need an uvula for and why didn't the doctor just take the darn thing out! She took everything else out..she could have had that too! It is almost the size of my thumb! He keeps choking and gagging on it and it is really making him miserable. He is having such a hard time swallowing because of it.

I am so thankful for you guys who have updated and said that the swelling DOES go down. That will give him (AND ME!) hope. I will try to do the same if his goes down which I am praying it does and soon. It seems like it takes awhile though and the doctor said a week or so! That will be an eternity for the child but at least I have hope it will get better thanks to all of you.

7/25/2006 7:16 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my tonsils out on Weds lunchtime. That evening I was eating a cheese omolette with garlic mushrooms! Not sure if I had a super surgeon or something but at the moment I feel a bit of a fraud. Hardly any pain and I'm eating normally (steaks, potatoes, crisps etc.) It's day 3 now and everything seems to be healing nicely. My uvula is swollen but not too bad. My surgeon told me to drink, drink and drink so I've been pouring water down my throat as much as I can - I really think it's what's made it so easy. The worst thing at the moment is the constipation caused by the painkillers (co-codamol and tramodil). Sorry, sounds like I got let off easily on this one... (so far!)

7/28/2006 8:55 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Death to thy tonsils.
I got mine removed Friday morning (7-27-06), it was the best worst thing I have ever done, best being the fact that I always get tonsilitis and strep. Worst being the pain, but yet it is TOTALLY worth it. I am an 18 year old male... and I just met this girl, we grew onto each other and now my uvula is swollen, so now I sound weird when I talk.

I am curious to know when I will get my voice back... only time cures pain.
If you got any questions or want to know something in general my AOL is WhenIloveILove I am on the messenger all day and night, or you could go to my site

Thank you for your time.

7/30/2006 2:24 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had my tonsils taken out yesterday. The uvula thing is putting the biggest damper on me right now, I have to sleep sitting upright in a recliner or else the damn thing completely blocks my airway. Of course like the rest of you, they never told me that his would be a problem. Fortunately, I haven't had problems swallowing soft things or even the percocet pills (which I feel like they have little to no effect on me). I can barely talk more than a whisper, but I have been keeping hydrated and ingesting cold things to try to reduce the swelling. The nurses said that the doctor cauterized the area really well so that there is almost no bleeding whatsoever. The only thing I have planned is in 10 days I will be taking a small trip, but by then I hope that the swelling will reduce, and I'll actually be able to talk and eat a bit...

8/03/2006 6:16 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I every one, I get a tonsillectomy and UP3 6 weeks ago... and I should say this haven been a esay recovery time, first 2 weeks were awful even when I improve a little bit each day. I get back to work on week 3, trying to get back to normality but in my experience even when you should speak and swallow you should take it easy and most importan dont rush and get all the help that you need, specially I get pain when I lift some weigth like carring laptop bag and other things.

Now on week 6, I'm better but still dont feel normal, for example is annoying to yawn or drink hot drinks. I spoke to my doctor and he said that the inflammatory process could take up to 3 months before I get completly relief.

Please I would like to hear some comments, most of the people say its only takes 10 - 20 days to be OK.

Im a young woman, 25 years old, and mainly I get this sirgury because I get chronicle tonsilitis I didn't have problems of snoaring or apnea.

Thank you!

8/06/2006 2:45 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey everyone!!
Well I posted a few posts above about my son 14 having his tonsils out...well he is almost 15 in a few weeks if that matters! Well I almost hate to post this here as his recovery was nightmare! Not just the swollen uvula but throwing the darn thing up once or twice! and then getting sick again nauseous most of the time and pain BAD from day 4 through 9 or so. Had vomited up a little blood too. Swelling finally started to go down but not until day 10 or so though it became bearable for him after the first few days. I guess it is one of those things you get used to ( if that is possible!) The first day or two was just so freaky as you feel like you can't breathe sometimes as it chokes you and blocks back of throat!.
Well we thought we were out of the woods..on day 11 at 10 or so at night he starts spitting out blood! had to go to emergency room..had big blood like clot back of throat and ended up having to be rushed into surgery AGAIN to stop bleeding which ended up taking longer than original surgery! Was bleeding from five places and one was an artery..Dr.almost gave up and packed and stitched it but finally got the bleeding under control! We just came home from hospital they kept him in this time 3 DAYS!! I just ask you all to be careful and watch for bleeding even as late as day eleven even though they say it is rare. If I had not taken him to hospital and clot had dislodged at home he would have been in serious trouble. As it is he lost a lot of blood and has to take iron etc now and get rechecked this week. This has not been easy on him and he has to now add two MORE weeks to recovery though he is in no pain now so that is good....
and Jerry.yea his voice sounded so funny for awhile there but he is now day 14 and sounds much better though still has swollen tongue and even more so after repeat surgery! But no uvula swelling this time!! YEA!!
I know he will be glad this is all over with and no more tonsils but it has been ROUGH!!
Hang in there everyone...the swelling DOES go down.....

8/07/2006 1:31 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read this whole board before i had my tonsils out on the 2nd. Day 1 was ok I guess, although I did almost throw up as the anethesia wore off. Day two was actually pretty decent looking back on it. The real downfall was day 4 (actually, in the early morning of day 5). I actually bled at 2:30am and it scared the hell out of me. I mean I read that its commmon to bleed, but still. It just seemed like a lot of blood, but after gargling lots of ice water it stopped. So of course since then, I have no been able to eat solid foods. I was afraid to go to sleep after that too for fear of it happening again.

The pain really sucks, and it does get worse. In fact, I dont think recovery is the right word in this case. Recovery indicates you getting better, and that sure as hell isn't happening yet. Of course, now it hurts to have anything cold (like our diet isn't already teribly limited while healing). Even water stings sometimes. Its rediculous. This has got to be one of the worst recovery operations ever. Sorry to sound so cryptic, but its true. The pain meds are not that great either at this point.

This is towards the end of day 6, and I'm really really wanting this thing to be over with. I'm going nuts being on a diet of pills, water and some liquids. Some one please tell me realistically when this whole thing actually starts to get better? Thanks :)


8/08/2006 1:50 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Greg!
I wrote the comment above yours about my son. I just want you to know it really should start feeling better soon. It gets pretty gross first least in his case! The smell/taste of the scabs got to him on day 7 or so then the next day feeling MUCH better and pain lessening as a lot of that 'GUNK" cleared out of there! His tongue was coated with stuff too that he kept trying to brush off! His pain was just about gone when he had the bleeding episode (day 11). I am happy to say that although he had renewed pain on his left side where they had to repeat process to stop bleeding in five places that renewed pain is even gone as of yesterday (MON) and he had surgery thursday..(well really Friday as it was at 1:30 AM! ) He actually just ate french fries with ketchup and some chicken strips! His appetite is back and he is doing much better. He still has to take it easy for two weeks again till this side completely heals as there is always a risk of bleeding again..but that would be cruel and unusual punishment for him to suffer that again!
I agree though they DO NOT warn you ahead of time about just how rough this is..and everyone says "'s just your tonsils.." "not a major operation.."
Well it is pretty major if you ask me with lots of possible complications! Also they tell you in the hospital when youi wake up that it hurts a lot now but will get better each day! We all know THAT is not true! It definitely goes from BAD to WORSE day 4 or so through about day 9 then should start getting better.
Also you should probably call your doctor if you have bleeding again...and at least let them look at it or be informed about how much it was. Better safe than sorry??!!! :)
Also try some applesauce or something with your meds to help your about scrambled eggs or french toast or soup? I know my son ate just about nothing first week or so just water and gatorade! They say as long as taking in liquids and not dehydrating you are okay. Even though you do NOT feel okay!
Good luck to you and also to all you other poor swollen uvula/ tonsillectomy survivors!!!

8/08/2006 10:09 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Carielle. You know, today my uvula actually got more swollen all of a sudden, I have no idea why. I called one of the doctors and they put me on some kind of steroids for help my imflammation. I've taken the first dose about an hour and 45 mins ago, and so far no change is noticable. I really cant take any more of this. This may very well be the 2nd night in a row of NO sleep, and I'm going to loose it soon.

I actually wound up choking on my uvula 3 TIMES this evening, felt like I wanted to puke. I seriously want to hurt my surgeon for not taking my damn uvula out already. I mean really, would it have been that much more effort to just take the damn thing out? My mom is being sympathetic to the best of her ability, but I still wonder if she truly gets what I'm going through. I just cannot believe how long every single day has been, it truly is torture!!!!!!


8/09/2006 12:20 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy Greg..i do feel really bad for you. You just have to hang in have no choice! I can't believe you swelled up depressing! I know my son had steroids injected during the operation..maybe you did too? and they could be wearing off....that is why you swelled a little more? I can not imagine how uncomfortable it must be and it is a whole mental thing trying to deal with it all. Try drinking lots of very cold stuff to help with the swelling though I think the only thing that works is was almost 11 days till my sons swelling went down and really now on day 15 still tiny amount of swelling..but barely noticeable. So much of this recovery is not just pain but all the gross uncomfortable things you have to get through..and it seems to always be something else. Plus it is all stuff they just DO NOT TELL you about. I really do feel bad for you. Just know it really will get just have to be really strong and get through each day. Hopefully those steroids will help the swelling and you will be feeling better and maybe able to get some sleep!
Keep drinking lots of fluids..and HANG IN is torture but it WILL END...

8/09/2006 4:08 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi again Carielle. Well, today is day 9 of recovery, and I'm def feeling somewhat better. Luckily, that night that I took the first dose of steroids, I later took a sleeping pill. That REALLY helped. I was so paranoid too, what with the nausea, dizziness, stomach pain and increased heart rate. I think it was a bad idea to be taking antibiotics and taking steroid stuff at the same time, I just felt really really aweful afterwards. But luckily after I took them (and had some ginger tea), I slept for like 9 hours, woke up, then went to sleep again for another 2.5 hours. My mom mowed the lawn, and I didnt even notice.

The mornings now are the worst part, but even they arent too bad now (finally!) Did your son ever mention his heart rate increasing at all? Mine has and I just want to make sure that I'm not the only one. In fact, it started to be like that a day or so before i took the steroids. The doctor said it would pep me up, but I dont know if it's purely just the steroids talking.

Anyway, I've noticed there is no more blood in my saliva for the last 2 days. They also told me to gargle with warm salt water to promote healing. So I have. Im starting to think that my scabs will heal over instead of me coughing them up. I still can't open my mouth fully wide yet either, although i've noticed slight improvement with each day. Well, here's hoping to more improvement each day.

8/11/2006 10:28 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Greg!
Good to hear from you. I am happy you are doing better. One thing I think they shoud give to people going through this is tranquilizers!! I know a lot of things freaked my son out and it would have been good for him to have something to just kind of relax him through everything!

What kind of pain medicine are you on? That stuff can cause nausea, dizziness heart racing etc.... And do you take it with some kind of food? My son had to take his pills in applesauce to get them down but it did give him some "food". Also if you are not taking in enough nutrition and not drinking something like Gatorade your electrolytes can drop (sodium..potasium etc...) and your heart can race as well from that. He did have a few days of heart kind of racing and breaking out in a sweat but I think it may have been the medicine because since he stopped pain medicine it has not happened again...of course I think just being in so much pain kind of puts your body into shock and all kinds of things can happen! Hope yours has calmed down. With your new dose of steroids though strange things can happen as well!

My son did feel his scabs coming off..caused more pain also gross kind of hanging there sometimes and horrible taste! I guess it does not always have to be that way though and they may just kind of "wear away"? Hope you have no problems there but just remember to watch for any bleeding as that is when my son had his problem (day 11) As scabs came off I guess. He is doing great now and can actually open mouth almost all the way..still hurts to yawn etc but SO much better. His original surgery was July 24 which is all healed up and his second cauterization was August 3 only on left side which is really healing up great.
Just please remember to call doctor if you should have bleeding now....but I hope that is a rare thing and you will be fine and keep getting better and better!
I know the mornings are bad..your throat gets so dry overnight... I got a cool mist humidifier for my sons room and that seemed to help just a little...also if you wake at all during the night DRINK! But I am sure you do not need me to tell you that!!
You are going to feel great soon and this will all be behind you!

Please come back on though and let me know that okay? I will be thinking about you! Good Luck!

8/12/2006 3:51 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry..forgot my name but you probably know above comment was from me!


8/12/2006 3:53 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carielle. Well, I've finally gotten my mouth to open at least enough for me to see the back of my throat. I guess those steroids reall did help, my uvula is actually smaller than I thought it was. I noticed that the back of my throat looks uneven though, like they took more off of one side than the other, not sure the reasoning for that.

The heart thing is still happening to me. I haven't taken much hydrocodone recently, maybe 2 yesterday, but certainly not every 4 hours. I've been weaning myself off of it. I'm also not taking any more ibuprohin, and no penicillin. I've decided not to take anything really but finishing the steroids (which will be done by tomorrow). Then when I'm done with it, I'll finish the penicillin. Ughhh, the amount of antibiotics i've been on sucks.

I got pharyngitis in April, so they put me on augmentin, then i got strep (or tonsilitis, dont think they knew which) on my birthday this year (again!) in june, so they had me on augmentin again. Then 5 days later it came back and they put me on penicillin until it went away, then made me take 1 pill every day until i got my tonsils out!!! And now i need to finish up the last 6 pills of it ,ughh!! My poor stomach.

Oh, i had a question. Did your son's voice seem different afterwards? because my mom said it sounded strained, and I feel like it sounds just a tad bit higher than before (which sucks, i have already done through puberty one before, thanks). Just wondered if he felt the same thing. Guess thats it for now. Look forward to hearing from you. Bye

8/12/2006 6:04 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Greg!

Wow you have had a lot of illness..much like my son..he just had strep back in June too. Also he had earlier in the year an abscess on his rt tonsil (after strep) fun getting that lanced!! It was awful! Plus all the usual tonsillitis etc...

Yea the antibiotics are my son had reactions(hives) to a lot of them! YUCH and they are hard on your gut. You should take acidophilus capsules to replace the good bacteria you need in your "gut" that they destroy..they dont just destroy bad bacteria they destroy good as well. It really helps. Hopefully now you guys have had your tonsils out you will not need the darn antibiotics anymore!

Sorry you are still having that heart thing happen. That has to be a little upsetting. Maybe talk to your doctor if it keeps up. You should have a follow up visit scheduled soon right? My son goes on Monday so we will see what she says then.

Did you have your adnoids out as well? The one thing my son mentioned today was that he had to be careful drinking..sometimes it feels as if it is going up his nose not down his throat..what the heck is that all about? Have to ask dr on Monday..

As far as his voice it sounded a LOT different for awhile...Now it still sounds just a little different but seems to be returning to normal..It is a little higher and kind of nasal sounding...but each day seems to sound more like his old voice....I am hoping it will totally return to normal. Guess I will ask the dr about that too!

Hope today finds you doing even better and most of the swelling and pain gone!


8/13/2006 5:09 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...
I got my tonsills out 6 days ago and up untill this morning, I felt like i had turned the corner in terms of pain. However, this morning I woke up with the most excruciating shooting pain in my ear. The pain in my ear has settled a little bit, but I'm having a really sharp pain in a specific location in my throat every time i swallow. did anyone else experience thiis?

8/14/2006 6:56 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...
I got my tonsills out 6 days ago and up untill this morning, I felt like i had turned the corner in terms of pain. However, this morning I woke up with the most excruciating shooting pain in my ear. The pain in my ear has settled a little bit, but I'm having a really sharp pain in a specific location in my throat every time i swallow. did anyone else experience thiis?

8/14/2006 6:58 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son had the ear pain you speak about. The good news is it only lasted a couple days. The thing that helped him was heat. We used one of those "bed buddy" is like a long sock filled with rice that you heat in the microwave. Not too hot though. It really helped him. You could also try filling a sock with rice and heating it maybe??

The ear pain means you are healing up I think and the scabs are pulling away and the nerves send signals from your throat to your ears! That is also why you feel specific throat pain..probably where a scab has pulled off. It should only last a day or two though. I hope that is true in your case and you feel better soon. Your pain medicine should help it as well.

8/15/2006 1:50 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Greg!

Just checking in with you! I hope you are healed now and out of pain. I think it is day 14 for you!!

I hope you come on here to let me know you are all better now and that your heart thing is cleared up! I am sure people that read this blog down the road will be curious too!!

Hope all is well with you!

Also poster above with ear pain..I hope that has passed for you and you are now doing better also!!

8/17/2006 2:29 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi all...I'm 31 and had my tonsills removed six days ago. The uvula thing was scary, the scabs burn at times(not sure when they will come off, bleeding?)I work a professional job, does anyone know about how long it takes for your speech to return normal? Right now I don't think I could work and sound normal...thanks

8/20/2006 10:32 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now it should be 10 days I think since you had your surgery..hope the worst of the pain is behind you and the scabs should be on their way out as well. But you are not in the clear for bleeding again I guess until day 14.. that is what they say!
My sons surgery was almost a month ago and I would have to say his voice did not return to normal until last week was still a little high and nasal sounding but now sounds pretty much normal again and all the days of suffering seem long ago! Thank goodness!

Good luck to you!

8/24/2006 8:52 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So its my 8th day after the surgery. So far i been to the ER twice lol. Im felin better now I even braved eating some green beans and bread. The pain actually is the worst part for me.

The top three reasons why this has been so hard for me is

1. I keep choking I though i was going to die at least 50 times tryin to put anything in my mouth. It seems like my throat has turned into the Black Hole. Everytime i try to swallow gets lost then either comes out of my nose or i cough it back up like sum kinda bird regrugating food for its young.

2. I keep choking up some foul smelling green phelm with tiny specks of blood and white scab. After its out i feel better but oh man is it digusting.

3. The doc told my mum that the tonsil was wrapped around the muscle...what the hell!!!! My tongue looks like a white patch of grass and its sore as hell. And my jaw doesnt open like its suppose to.

Until life resumes to normal ttfn

9/02/2006 4:04 AM gmt

Blogger Rickey said...

Hello! I'm happy I found this site and share in our common misery. However, I feel that I needed to get this done since the chronic tonsilitis sucked and I have been having a hard time talking for long periods of time because the enlarged tonsils kept on pushing fluids up to my sinus!

At any rate, two things that worry me now:
1. Bad breath. Is this no brusiing for two weeks??? Waaa.
2. I cannot exhale through my nose if I am laying flat on my back which makes sleeping a challenge. Could be the swollen uvula, but I have not looked really closely in there yet -- just had my surgery 24 hours ago.

To those visiting here again check on what's happening, any advice for a newbie?
And to those who will find this after me, good luck and hang in there, you'll get through it!

9/30/2006 10:06 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not resist posting to this blog...something I've never ever done before. I just had my tonsils out yesterday and this morning my uvula is as large as they were combined! I was halfway to the phone to call the on-call doctor when I thought to google it and found this site. Now I can't talk anymore because I just spent the last half hour laughing, which I'm sure you all know is a painful endeavor! But I'm a whole lot less worried now, and I'll go back to my nice diet of popsicles and ice-water gargles in peace. Thanks everyone!

9/30/2006 11:41 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, me neither. However I do feel a bit bad for Jason, I believe it is...This has taken over his blog.

So, 1st a shout out to Jason & Mike! I hope everything is going well.

Now, day 1. Can't sleep on my back and scared to take a sleeping pill cause I don't want to choke to death. However, I've been eating like a little pig and actually did some laundry. Pain med, liquid lortab is only lasting about 2 hours tops but I have drank like 2 gallons of water (Dr. Said it was very important or I would be in 'the suck'.

Caution: You should not wonder around your house with the lights off as you normally would! Pain medicine randomly rearranges your house when you are not looking thus causes you to trip and fall on things...But you can't scream cause your throat hurts too damn can only laugh at your own dumb ass.

Goodnight & Good luck!


10/04/2006 6:04 AM gmt

Blogger jason said...

> However I do feel a bit bad for
> Jason, I believe it is...This has
> taken over his blog.

No worries, Ginger. Although this is the most popular post on the blog (67 comments... yikes), it hasn't taken too much away from the rest of the blog.
For any of those interested, this website is actually about a year-long trip around the world that I took with my friend Mike. That was the initial reason for the tonsillectomy. I didn't feel like getting yet another shitty infection in the middle of China... although I ended up getting a really bad one anyway.
The trip itself has been over for a few months now, but there are stll a year's worth of blog entries, photo albums and videos on site. And we're slowly working on making a documentary with the 40+ hours of DV footage we captured.
So, feel free to enjoy any of the media or just bitch about tonsillectomies and swollen uvulas. It's all good.

10/09/2006 5:38 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable blog!

I'm 44, just underwent a tonsillectomy about a week ago and have something to add here that's orginal.

I have a cleft (or split) uvula! About half way down it splits in two (sort of like the inside of a peace sign) Growing up, I thought everyone's was like that. I'm embarrassed to admit when I discovered otherwise.

Well, I managed to pass this trait on to one of my children.

Anyway, my ENT told me the phenonemon of a cleft uvula is related to Cleft Palette - a major congenital defect. Except that in our case thankfully, the cleaving stopped just at the uvula and didn't involve the palette.

I, too, experienced a major swollen uvula after surgery. The thing is lying there on my tongue, except what's spooking me out is that only one branch of it is swollen and extended. The other branch appears to be normal size and has one of those white scabs on it. You'd think it'd be swollen as well. Why does it have a scab on it? It almost seems as if it the doctor removed that branch during surgery (explaining the scab). The things complete lopsided!

I'm thinking about confering with my doctor about this. Anybody out there experience anything like this?

11/20/2006 8:16 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has been so helpful-info wise and therapeutically. I have laughed for the last 1/2 hour. I can relate to al these things....uvula, gagging, pain, sleeplessness. It iss some unmentionable hour on early Sunday morning. I had my tonsils out on Thursday at lunch time. Am getting kinda scared aout what days 4-6 will be like. My questions are:
1. WHY is my uvula all white around the edges? Does this mean they cut it? It looks so symmetrically white all around the bottom and side edges.
2. What are all the little black patches that are intermingled with the white scabbing? Dried blood?
3. What the hell do they do to your tongue anyway? Stick it thru a blender?
4. I am very very curious as to why my uvula is all white. DIdnot talk t othe doctor after the operation as he was n othere surgeries. Does all this white on sides of mouth and uvla mean it was cauterized really weLl in those places? I think I read something like that earlier. ....I knew I never should have asked my husband to but me that little flashlight.

12/03/2006 10:06 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so sorry about all that bad, bad spelling above.... The pain medication is clearly messing with me. Also, this was my first time ever posting to a time I will be sure to click preview before's my easier to read version....and sorry if that's mad manners or something on a blog (to post twice) goes:Suffering in Manitoba, Canada said...
This has been so helpful-info wise and therapeutically. I have laughed for the last 1/2 hour. I can relate to al these things....uvula, gagging, pain, sleeplessness. It is some unmentionable hour on early Sunday morning. I had my tonsils out on Thursday at lunchtime. Am getting kinda scared about what days 4-6 will be like. My questions are:
1. WHY is my uvula all white around the edges? Does this mean they cut it? It looks so symmetrically white all around the bottom and side edges.
2. What are all the little black patches that are intermingled with the white scabbing? Dried blood?
3. What the hell do they do to your tongue anyway? Stick it thru a blender?
4. I am very very curious as to why my uvula is all white. Didn’t talk to the doctor after the operation as he was in other surgeries. Does all this white on sides of mouth and uvula mean it was cauterized really well in those places? I think I read something like that earlier. .... I knew I never should have asked my husband to buy me that little flashlight.

12/03/2006 10:12 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I googled swollen uvula too. I had mine out today. I'm 18, and I'm miserable. My uvula is driving me out of my mind, and I have a very high tollerance when it comes to pain killers due to playing lacrosse for four years in high school. Any uvula advice?

12/06/2006 5:25 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The uvula is the worst on days 1, 2 and 3. It gets larger and larger and then after day 3 it seems to start shrinking back again.I found the following really, really helpful:
-gargle with cool water
-gargle with the "green stuff" which is benzedamine it is awesome and has been a real life-saver for me. If you don't have any....get some. This deadens all the feeling in your mouth and throat. It really helped with that gagging feeling. Ask your octor to phone in a prescription for you if you don't have any. I wouldn't have survived without it.
-a pillow case wrappped bag of frozen peas on the neck really really helped with the uncomfortable uvula also. It also helped reduce some of the swelling

12/06/2006 9:23 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I'm on day 7 post-tonsillectomy and I'm finally ready to write about my experience so far. I don't know how some of the other bloggers have been able to write on day 2 or 3 or even 5! This isn't my "thing" really, but I got so much comfort and comic relief from everyone else's stories that I thought I should contribute. I definitely agree that the uvula issue could have been mentioned by medical personnel - do they think we won't find out? And I think there should be a prerequisite for these nurses that deal with adult tonsillectomy patients - they should be required to have undergone the experience themselves. That way when my husband calls on postop day #1 and says that my neck is stiff, the pain is intolerable, and I am no longer able to even open my jaw because the swelling has gotten out of control, we wouldn't have to hear "drink more water." And why don't they just give you the medicine that's going to work right off the bat? I've never taken a narcotic in my life because other than my tonsils I've been injury- and illness-free so far at the age of 31; yet when you say the pain medicine isn't working, they look at you like you must be a heroin addict or something. In my opinion, there is no way this procedure should be performed on adults in the outpatient setting. But I guess we can thank the insurance companies for that.
I definitely agree with the person suffering in Canada - frozen peas or a bag of ice to the neck does a world of help for the swelling and the pain. I've also been keeping a humidifier on, especially at night, so that my scabs don't get dry overnight. I'm crossing my fingers for the next couple days because I will just freak out if I start bleeding. They also make that sound like it's no big deal - "just gargle with ice water - if it doesn't stop in 15 minutes, call the doctor's office." Umm, if blood is coming out of my mouth for longer than TWO minutes, I won't be making a phone call, I'll be headed to the ER!
Incidentally, if you happen to read this sometime down the road Jason, it's funny you should mention that you got sick in China after your tonsillectomy. My husband and I were on vacation there 6 months ago - day #4 I had a severe flair of good old tonsillitis and that's when I decided they had to go. I'm not having any more trips ruined because of them. Of course, I won't be going to China again either.

12/14/2006 1:04 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to all. I went to my search tool and saw all the threads that i went to and saw this one and starting reading. I thought i would tell my story. I had a terrible experience after my surgery. I remember day 1 when i got home was horrible. I could hardly swollow because my uvala was so large. Probably a inch wide. UUeeww, scary. IT didn't get better till about a week. Then the second week I was going to sleep when it felt like i had nasal drip in my throat. I sat up and cleared my throat then laid back down. About a minute later the same feeling reoccurred. Finally I got out of bed and went to the restroom. Come to found out one of the scabs came off and it was bleeding. I was like holy shit. I did what the doc said gargled and starting chewing ice and used Afrin. Did not work. Well it did for about 2 min. then it started up again. It felt like my throat kept filling up with blood. So i drove myself to the hospital and after waiting an hour saw the doc. They said i had a small blood clot and they had to use a special straw like instrument to suck it out. Talk about being uncomfortable. Finally the bleeding stopped. Went home the next day i was okay. I had to hold out on the food for another week. That part sucked. About a week after that i was back in the ER with a swollen uvala. At this point i didn't think having my tonsils out was the best ideal.
About a week after that things were finally normal. A year has past and I have not had 1 problem not even a soar throat since. I'm so glad i chose to go thew it. Yes it is more painful being an adult but if your having constant problems with your tonsils it's well worth it. Not all stories are bad. My sister was 27, 2 years older than me and she had no problems what so ever.

12/20/2006 8:19 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to all. I went to my search tool and saw all the threads that i went to and saw this one and starting reading. I thought i would tell my story. I had a terrible experience after my surgery. I remember day 1 when i got home was horrible. I could hardly swollow because my uvala was so large. Probably a inch wide. UUeeww, scary. IT didn't get better till about a week. Then the second week I was going to sleep when it felt like i had nasal drip in my throat. I sat up and cleared my throat then laid back down. About a minute later the same feeling reoccurred. Finally I got out of bed and went to the restroom. Come to found out one of the scabs came off and it was bleeding. I was like holy shit. I did what the doc said gargled and starting chewing ice and used Afrin. Did not work. Well it did for about 2 min. then it started up again. It felt like my throat kept filling up with blood. So i drove myself to the hospital and after waiting an hour saw the doc. They said i had a small blood clot and they had to use a special straw like instrument to suck it out. Talk about being uncomfortable. Finally the bleeding stopped. Went home the next day i was okay. I had to hold out on the food for another week. That part sucked. About a week after that i was back in the ER with a swollen uvala. At this point i didn't think having my tonsils out was the best ideal.
About a week after that things were finally normal. A year has past and I have not had 1 problem not even a soar throat since. I'm so glad i chose to go thew it. Yes it is more painful being an adult but if your having constant problems with your tonsils it's well worth it. Not all stories are bad. My sister was 27, 2 years older than me and she had no problems what so ever.

12/20/2006 8:19 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey; I guess I can't fully relate to all of you, seeing how I'm not really an adult yet. I'm 14, and I just got my tonsils removed Thursday. Thankfully, my parents have been really good about getting me my pain medicine (roxiset) on time, and the amoxycillin. My uvula is awfully swollen though, and it is quite a repulsive feeling. I'm very thankful that I live in such a great city though, and that the hospitals here are excellent (Boston). The surgery itself went fine, and I actually didn't have any problems with the swelling or anyhting until after I got home. I haven't had that many problems with eating, and I've managed to swallow a significant amount of ice cream, water, cold pasta and scrambled eggs. Everyone keeps trying to feed me more and more, but I just don't want to eat. Im too tired to write that much, but ill be back later

12/23/2006 6:36 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

35 yo male here.

Had my tonsils out 12/20/06. I am on day for and so far my experience has been ok compared to the horrible stories I've heard. My biggest problem is the constipation. I am on liquid percocet 5/325 mg. It taste awfull. The white scabbing is sarting to be a problem. Everything I eat sticks to it. My ears and neck are now starting to feel sore. I have off work until 1/4/07. I hope I have enough time to recoupe for the most part. I have not left my house since the day I had my tonsils out. I been very dizzy and It is even hard for me to pee. I hate waking up at night and my throat is dried up ans sore and to make it worst the chills start. Again. I am a 35 year old male who is trying my best to get over this common surgery. I wish i had it done when I was a kid. I thank all those who posted on this blog. I read read each and every post. It nice to know that I am not the only one going through this. At first, I thought I was being a BIG BABY, now I feel like myself. Thank-you to all you have contributed thier tonsillectomy story. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Jeff

12/23/2006 9:30 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to my fellow tonsillectomy sufferers. Did I spell that right? Is that even a word? Oh well, it is now. I am 32 year old NURSE. Yes I said NURSE and let me tell you, I have newfound respect for tonsillectomy patients, esp adults. I am day 12 post-op and my uvula is still 4x normal size. My ENT assumes since I'm a nurse, I should know everything. When you're the patient and not the nurse,things look a little different. This site was great and gave me some much needed motivation. Thanks!

12/27/2006 1:25 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted about 1-1/2 weeks ago - I'm now 3 weeks post tonsillectomy, 31 years old. I made it through this ordeal without any bleeding issues, which I'm THRILLED about. Some information I didn't know before my surgery: Tonsillectomy can be performed 2 ways - suture or cauterization. Older docs tend to suture (old way) and younger docs cauterize. My husband had his tonsillectomy 3 years ago by an older physician who sutured - not much pain but massive bleeding 15 days out. My procedure was by a younger doc who cauterized - TONS of pain and swelling, no bleeding. So for those considering this surgery, you may want to investigate which approach your ENT will use. Apparently cauterization produces more intense pain and swelling (I was in the ER for IV steroids due to intense swelling) but less risk of bleeding; suturing produces less pain and swelling but greater risk of bleeding. I guess pick your poison, but I much preferred the pain over the traumatic bleeding complications my husband experienced.

12/28/2006 6:11 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said... my tonsils out 2 says ago and am very glad to see that others were having the bizarre case of the second is very frustating i'll have to say...has anyone on here had there tonsils out due to chronich neutropenia?

1/14/2007 3:02 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

19 year old boy from Norway here.
It's really fantastic that this blog still is up and running, and I will say thank you yo everyone that has contributed!
I had my tonsils removed 5 days ago, and I'm starting to recover
I'll have to say though, I was terrified when I felt my uvula had swollen thrice its size, and i was afraid i'd gotten some kind of infection.
After googling "tonsillectomy swollen uvula " I found this blog, and man was i reliefed.
My biggest problem after the surgery was sleeping.. I couldn't lay on my back, because my king size uvula would block my throat.
5 days post, my throat is still in pain, but now the painkillers are setting in - finally
Greetings from Norway

1/17/2007 2:00 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave here in Sarasota Fl. Just had a tonsilectomy yesterday morning.The Doctor chopped off my uvula. I did have some discomfort but the roxicet has kicked in here. I was drinking on water and gatorade before leaving the Hospital. I have been drinking protein shakes, had cold mashed potatoes last night and soft scrambles eggs this morning with so untoasted white bread no crust with some whip cream chesse. My throat is sore when I swollow but I keep drinking ice water and its helps. I just wanted to say to all You guys who still have Your uvula why didn't Your doctor recomend having it chopped off like mine did. I had troble with sleep apnea so they removed it along with the tonsils.I did have troble with snoring last night and also that feeling of chocking in the middle of the night.I must also say that when I opened my mouth yesterday for the 1st look,I could not believe how much tonsil was taken out. It's like an inch more of throat on both sides plus no uvula hanging down. I must also say that I have allergies and that the breathing through my nose has never been this good. It was instant. The headaches from allergies were also gone as of yesterday. I in the long run am glad I did the tonsilectomy my only regret is that I waited til I was 37 to figure out the whole freaking tonsil thing. Never new what I do now about the chuncks of white crypts and all the crap that comes with having them. I still can't get over how much space they rented in my mouth. I say that all of us that have gone through this should ask adleast 10 people we know if they know about tonsils and the complications of not having them removed. I was amazed when I asked around work of how many people still have them. I am just glad I got them out. No matter how much pain it is well worth removing them and I'm stating that on only my 2nd day into this surgery. Thanks to this web site also for the storys I have been sitting here on roxicet all day reading the storys on here so I don't feel alone about going through this. Remember tell friends and family about this so they have the knowledge about tonsils and can know if they are having the same problems. I just wish my parents had them taken out when I was younger, due to not removing them when I was younger I suffered an ear infection which cost me 4 operations plus 45% of my normal hearing. I'm hoping this tonsilectomy will improve my ear aches also. If Your a parent I would recomed having it done for Your children when they are young. I will keep everyone posted. It is well worth it,compared to the ear surgery this tonsilectomy was easy.. Dave Sarasota FL

1/26/2007 8:56 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave in Sarasota Fl here, its day 4 and my throat is still very sore and all white in the back. It hurts to swallow.I have been taking the pain medicine and its helping its like all the pain goes away for 4 hours til the next dose. Is this normal and when can expect to lean off the pain medicines. When does the pain subside when swallowing.. But I still think it was worth it. I'll keep eveyone posted on my post operation.. Tonsilectomy.. Dave in Sarasota

1/28/2007 4:19 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave..wonder if you are doing okay and if you will check back on here?

I was clearing out my bookmarks and saw this and decided to re-visit! .. I posted above in August about my son (age 14)
You should be all healed up now HOPEFULLY! And you at least did not have to suffer the dreaded swollen UVULA!! There are some things you might still need to allow a little extra time for the sound of your voice returning to normal and food going down the way it is supposed to!
I just wanted to say you are SO right about getting tonsils out early! Even though my son was only 15 he suffered as an adult and also had complications. I so wish I had not waited and done it when he was young! It would have saved him many infections etc....The doctors all said to keep them to fight infection...but I am pretty sure they were the cause! Always so swollen too and making sleep/ breathing difficult. Doctors should have told me to have them out much earlier before he got abscess etc.... He has not had one strep throat since then and ,of course, no abscess or tonsillitis :)

Doctors also downplay the HORROR of the recovery from this....they know it is rough and should tell parents that it gets so much worse for kids as they age and to have it done as an adult is so complicated... They should do it while they are young.

Well..I am just glad the whole ordeal is over with. It sure was something....something to try to forget!!!!!

Hope all is well with you and also all you swollen uvula sufferers who find this blog. IT REALLY DOES GET BETTER

2/12/2007 1:52 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

22 Female
Just curious if anyone is around who recently got their tonsils out? I got mine out yesterday morning (2/21/07) and now its about 2:15 AM EST on 2/22/07. I came across this blog when I googled for tonsillectomy swollen tounge. Thankfully my uvula isn't swollen (...yet, keep your fingers crossed) but my tounge is rather swollen and I have an annoying cough! Just curious if anyone is going through this at the same time and would like to keep each other posted on our progess! If not good luck to future visitors who are going through the pain and discomfort of a tonsillectomy!

P.S. Thanks Jason for keeping up the blog!

2/22/2007 7:28 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan 26yr male

Thanks Jason for starting this blog as it has more info in it then all of the medical sites that I went to put together. I had my tonsils out on the 5th and everything has gone decent so far. One thing I will say that no one mentioned is that Apple Sauce has been my savior. It tastes great, feels great, and soothes like no other. I have gone through 3 jars already. I originally found this site do to searching for swollen uvula, as it looks many others have, and was glad that my golf ball size uvula was a common thing. I had hoped the worst was behind me but from reading everyones blogs it sounds like I am just now heading into the woods with more pain and possible bleeding to come. Thanks again for everyone that posted. I have a post op appointment coming up and I will be sure to tell my doctor the importance of explaining the swelling uvula. On a good note though when I called about it my doctor prescribed me Methylprednisolone which is a steroid I guess. I took it the same day as my surgery and the next morning my uvula was back down to a manageable size. It is still swollen, but its the size of a dime instead of a golf ball. Hopefully it stays that way. Again thanks to everyone for dropping their knowledge here, I know it helped me get through a time of worry. Good Luck to all, I will post again next week......... Ryan

3/08/2007 10:33 PM gmt

Blogger alyco242 said...

I would just like to say that this website has really helped comfort me. My family is taking great care of me, but none of them have had this surgery. Reading things from other people that have been through it is helping me get through it. SO thanks to all who have posted...good to know my swollen uvula is normal. I freaked out when I saw it...immediately googled "swollen uvula", and up came this site...thank goodness! Any recommendations as to how to get it back down? Or does it just go back down on its own, and if so, how long does that take??


3/10/2007 7:13 AM gmt

Blogger RJ said...

Well it's been 11 days since my surgery...and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Days 5-7 were definitely the worst. The referred ear pain from my throat was awful. The only thing that helped was one of those microwavable heating pads. The hot steam from the shower was great for those early morning dry throat spells. And a warm air humidifier can help, too. I gargled with Listerine frequently, especially before I ate. I thought the mouthwash would burn, but it actually numbed the back of the throat really well. Ramen noodles have been my staple, they go down so smoothly. I can't handle ice cream, it makes my phlegm too think and painful to swallow. By the way, I'm an internal medicine doc. Honestly, I really underestimated the slow/brutal recovery process. All I can say, is take your hydrocodone/tylenol every 4 hours during the first several days. Don't wean yourself too quickly because you're afraid of getting addicted, trust me pain relief is key!! Your body will need a good 2 weeks before it's painfree and strong enought to handle the stress of work, so take the time if you can. Good luck everyone. And thanks for letting me vent...this was very therapeutic!

3/25/2007 12:29 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, my name is julia. i have a really bad tonsil and a runny nose. on top of that i have to be at work. so i was thinking of getting my tonsils removed and. i have an appoitment with the doctor in a week. i am so scared of surgeries, needles, and hospitals. i had a very bad dramatic experience in my childhood. I also pass out every time i get blood taken or an iv put in. i have done research and read many blogs and i am very scared. any suggestions on how to help myself psychologically prepared for this procedure. thank you so much.

3/31/2007 3:17 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog was the first hit when I googled "tonsillectomy swollen uvula." My tonsils came out 30 hours ago. I was trying to sing, and I felt like there was a lot of phlegm or something at the back of my throat. I grabbed a flashlight and consulted my bathroom mirror, and at first I thought it was phlegm... then I noticed that it wasn't quite as malleable, and that it seemed to be stuck to my soft pallate (top of the back of the mouth/throat). The mother looks like a water-balloon, not a human appendage, and it is more pale and tumescent than any other healthy body part I'm aware of. I can actually pin it to the roof of my mouth and keep it there with the broader part of my tongue. My doctor never mentioned the swollen uvula, and I can't get ahold of the his office right now - I'm glad I found this communication.

WORD to rj's advice! - this lortab elixer is where it's at. I could certainly get addicted to it. Normal lortab pills never have this effect on me at all, but this stuff makes me feel like I could go jogging or climbing. 7.5 per tablespoon, and advised 1-2 every four hours (I'm leaning towards two). I've rented Mad Max: The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome and I've got some books to read, so if it gets a lot worse, I'll continue taking time off work.

I am a 22 y.o. diabetic and a college student, and I went under the knife because my tonsils were about thumb-sized and (I believe) interfered with my breathing, affecting the quality and restfulness of my sleeping hours. Despite my swollen uvula, I felt unusually energized when I woke up today - I didn't feel like I was anchored to the bed the way I always do. My blood sugar was 300 mg/dl (doctors warned me that the steroids and the post-anaesthesia may cause me trouble), and I would normally feel like I'd gone 12 rounds with Jesus, but I was able to get up and moving around alright.

Time for me medicine. Best of luck to everyone who finds this!

4/20/2007 1:11 AM gmt

Blogger Unknown said...

Hmmmm...wish I had found this earlier. Had my tonsils out yesterday and all seemed well. Got a little leaflet telling me lots of info and warning me that in 4 or 5 days pain and/or bleeding are possibilities. Was given pain pills and anti-inflamatory ones too so I asked "Will there be much swelling", "erm..not really..if there is it could be due to infection so go to A&E". I woke up today with the whole huge ovula did you guys all know what it was called? I kept refering it to the dangly bit... So off to walk in centre I go...after mockery from friends... only to be made feel silly by being told it was normal...30 seconds in with doctor adding to my mockery when I came out. After reading this at least I know what more to expect....I was told any blood and come back but I will now try the icy water stuff. Luckily have been able to eat fine so far...

4/26/2007 9:13 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 34 years old and had my tonsills out five days ago. Its ok to eat and sleep (with painkillers) and I'm glad to have a normal sized uvula.
My tongue however, is kind of bumpy if I strech it, and I cannot feel or taste anything on these areas. When the tongue is relaxed you cannot see it. I really, really hope to get feeling and taste back, I do not want this feeling permanent....

4/28/2007 5:52 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Great place to post! Im 6 days after the op. Wasnt as bad as I thought I would be.

Uvula is dangling so low on to my tongue, its not wide its just grown longer. and the lower part of the tip is kind of see through and wet looking rather than a solid pink like the top. Thats the most annoying part of the whole thing.

My tongue has been swollen but is now going down.

God knows what they do while your in the op - they must throw our flesh about like pieces of meat! I had a bloody cut in the side of my mouth/cheek when I came out and the scabs only just come off from that. I think I was a bloody punching bag in there!

Overall pains not bad at all thank God!!!

4/29/2007 11:52 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again - thanks for keeping this site going. I'm a 22 yr old female that is 4 days post-op and I thought I was the only person who had the swollen uvula. Thank goodness I'm not alone in this. Its seriously the worst part of the whole thing!

5/18/2007 8:36 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get the "oldest blogger" award from what I've read, at 52 yrs old a new ENT declared my chronic sore throat (cryptic tonsillitis) and ear problems coupled with a repaired heart valve, the perfect reason to schedule a tonsillectomy. The surgery will be in 7 days. I ran across this blog while trying to gather as much info as possible beforehand. Thanks to all who have suffered and survived before me and for all the wonderful advice and tips! I have had 4 children (no drugs) and open heart surgery but this tonsillectomy has me worried I may have met my match! All of you have added some bit of insight I plan on taking advantage of and I thank you. I think I will make a copy of the blogs for my doc so he can see what issues need to be discussed with their patients, like this uvula thing, yyyeeewwwww. I also now plan on insisting he gives me a steroid shot before sending me home!

Any advice, from what to eat, drink, etc., is most welcome and appreciated!

6/01/2007 3:06 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my tonsils out at about 8:15 this morning. I got morphine and loratabs and the overall pain isnt't too bad. But this monster of a uvula is horrible. I choke on it like every 2 min. It's like the size of a golfball!!! And I keep coughing it up and its like laying on my toungue. I have eaten ice cream and a popsicle and I have no stopped drinking all day. I think that's really important. But my toungue is really swollen and kind of cut up but I think that is normal too. I'm nervous about bleeding and losing the scabs :( I'm a 16yo female btw

6/11/2007 8:57 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for your comments...all of you! I got my tonsils out yesterday (I'm on hour 20) and I too didn't hear about swollen uvula. This is my biggest nightmare - it's huge, causing choking sensations, let alone causing me to salavate like a wolf on rabies! Due to this, I haven't been able to sleep for fear of choking. However, after reading your blog, I'm looking forward to progress over the next few days.

BTW, I also had septoplasty at the same time to correct a deviated septum. Yes, I'm crazy!

Hang in there everyone!!!

7/26/2007 9:23 AM gmt

Blogger Ms. Rein said...

Jason and everybody else thanks much for the stories... although it hurst like hell to laugh.. it helped my mood. I hade my tonsils out this past Monday and by two complaints are the swollen uvula( i said that so much the first two days i started to doubt thats what it was called. lol gotta love those drugs!) and my jaw is killing me! I have TMJ so having my jaw forced open and held that way for half an hour has agravated it greatly and every time my pain meds wear off it feels like someone tried to break my face but I'm coping. My friend had hers out 3 weeks ago and she doesnt sound like a deaf person trying to speak anymore so I have hope! It does past tho so I'm good. Again thanks for the stories! Nighty nite

7/30/2007 7:34 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 29yo F with chronic tonisillitis, surgery is scheduled for this Thursday 8/2. I am a nurse, and the downfall to that is that I know too much medical info(so I thought). I have never heard of the "uvula phenomenon", but thanks to everyone who has shared their stories- I feel like I am at least a little better prepared. I will try to post a message after the procedure...hope I am not too bad off.

7/31/2007 3:08 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a truly annoying recovery process this is! It's day 6, and still painful to swallow. Everytime i try to talk, my uvula vibrates, dips backward, and then proceeds to choke the hell out of me. It's nice to know that the swelling of that damned thing is normal, though I wish I found out sooner. The first couple of days, I kept thinking it was phlyem. Ever try to keep spitting out something that refused to let go of your throat? Lost that battle... Also, if I drink something to quickly, it makes a hasty exit back out my nose! (why??) but, at least today is the first time I haven't had to have demerol at my side constantly. Today marks the coming out of the woods! Day 5 was definitely the worst for me. Keep on trucking fellow sore throats.

7/31/2007 11:04 PM gmt

Blogger Unknown said...

I'm a 16 year old male. I had my tonsils out 12 days ago and directly after I got home from the Surgery Center (they gave me an injection of Demeroll before they sent me home, I was in NO pain at all for about 2 hours *giggles* that stuff truly is AMAZING) I slept for 5 hours after I got home with my loving girlfriend by my side the whole time, bless her heart. When I woke up I took my pain killers and was actually feeling pretty good (this isn't so bad right? ^.^) HA! I woke up the next day in horrible agony, mostly in my ears. I kept drinking but water kept coming out of my nose and I couldn't even see the bottom of my uvula (no one ever told me about that). For the next couple days the pain was unbearable and I was taking my Lortab religiously just to keep from crying in agony constantly. Ice packs around the neck really help. On day 4 I developed a low grade fever of 99.1 but this went away in a day or two. By day 5 I was eating mashed potatos and applesauce. I lost about 10 pounds overall. By day 7 and 8 I was up and out of bed and by day 10 I was doing pretty good when all of a sudden I woke up in the morning with a horrible constant burning in my throat. I went back to my ENT and it turns out I had a common cold. Go figure. Sure enough the next day I had another mild fever and overall felt like crap. Well it's day 12 now and most of the pain in my actual throat is gone although my uvula is still swollen about 2x its normal size and my voice is still slightly off but I am eating soft foods pretty easily. Right now my uvual and weird sounding voice is the biggest issue. I still have white patches in the back of my throat but they don't hurt much at all and the pain killers aren't necessary (although I did have a splitting headache yesterday and they took care of that quite nicely). I hope everyone else does okay, I'm also on I surf the web a lot and checked out the tonsillectomy boards before and afterhand to see what was normal and what other people went through.

8/01/2007 9:57 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this shit sucks i have got my tonsils out 7 days ago my whole summer went to shit 2 months of tonsilitis then i had this shit called a peritonsilla abcsess in my tonsil full of pus im on day 6 of post op and i was wondering if any1 knows about smoking weed during the recovery process i kno it will fuck me up right now but how long after the recovery r u allowed to smoke

8/02/2007 12:00 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I flipping love all you guys...I dont have an internet connection in my new apartment and Ive been laying around in a codeine driven nightmare wondering if the bowling pin sized uvula in my throat was just going to choke me and end my misery. Its been 6 days since my opperation and not only have I been coughing up huge chunks of my scab but I'm delusional to the point of wanting to reach back into my throat and personally kick my uvulas swollen ass. After reading this I feel loads better and I can honestly say you guys have given me hope. Thank you,

8/02/2007 10:21 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea who you are, but this just made me feel 1,000 times bettter. I too googled "swollen uvula" because i got my tonsils out this morning, on a thrusday, like everyone else, and i keep choking on my effing uvula. i feel much more normal now. why the fuck don't they warn you about this?!

8/02/2007 11:36 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I'm so happy I came here! My husband and I both had our tonsils out when we were young and now that our 3 year old has had them out, we had forgotten everything about when we were young. We couldn't figure out why she was her regular self in the hospital and then miserable when we came home. And I'm really happy I'm learning about the uvula because nobody here (in Canada) felt it neccessary to mention that to us. Hap I noticed it on my own I probably would have panicked. I'm still completely on edge because she's only 3 and I'm so overprotective and paranoid. Man, I bet when you wrote this you didn't think it would be something that people would be talking about two years later. That's intense.

8/08/2007 11:54 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 25 yo nurse who just had her tonsils out on August 15 - two days ago. The sucky part is that today is my 4 year anniversary with my sweet hubby and going out to a nice dinner - or anything else for that matter - is out of the question.

Here are my big gripes with the tonsillectomy.

1.) they told me that it would be a tonsillectomy/possible adenoidectomy - yet when I woke up no one seemed certain whether or not they took the adenoids.

2.) my tongue is not only swollen, it has a scratch on one side and looks like I chomped the other side and feels kinda tingly like it's got nerve damage. (Hopefully not long term.)

3.) the cussed stalactite of a uvula as all you have.

4.) the soft palate arc on either side of my uvula is VERY uneven. The right side goes more or less across to the uvula in a very noncommittal slope. The left side is an overzealous arch resembling one side of the mcdonalds M.


I know it's way in the back of my mouth but I don't wanna be so "lopsided" long-term.

Oh, and I can't swallow more than little sips or water creeps up into my nasal passage through the cavernous left side of my throat.

Did ANYONE else have this and does it get better with time or am I screwed?


8/17/2007 2:10 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well everyone else wrote so I figured I should too. Going on day 6 post -op. Actually it is 430am here and I am up due to pain. Even water is burning my throat not to mention the all of a sudden earache attacks. Has any one else experienced this? How much longer to go.....I'll let ya know.

9/17/2007 9:21 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my surgery on 9/6/07 and this is the second time I've felt up to being on the computer since - to google WHY my uvula has scabs and was swollen after my tonsillectomy!

I've totally lost faith in my doctor - the surgery itself was a breeze, but the recovery was backwards! Never have I had something that goes from feeling OK to feeling, as one said, suicidal. Those 5-7th days were killer, I stopped eating, drinking, talking and swallowing.

I tried going off my Roxicet cold turkey and spent several hours straight crying hysterically. I tried going back to work today (my 12th day after surgery) and couldn't make it past putting my clothes and makeup on I was so exhausted.

I called the doctor to see what my short term disability had been limited to and as it turns out, my doctor is an ass and didn't tell me anything I should have been doing. Was NOT drinking 8oz of water PER HOUR. Was NOT staying in bed as much as I should have. And I am not to return to work till the 20th - "Oh no no no dear, we give you a full two weeks to recover, you'll need it!"

My doctor didn't even show up after my surgery, either in recovery or my room before discharge! I've never had a surgeon do that! SO RUDE!

I think the idiot nicked my uvula with the cauterizing tool while doing the surgery. I know my left tonsil was swollen really big when we went in, but that's no excuse. I wish he'd used a scalpel, I hear most of this pain is residual from the heat, NOT from the removal.

And if they can make amoxicillian suspension taste so good (the pink antibiotics they give you), why can't they make all medicine taste good?

I'll be back to check out the rest of your blog when I'm feeling better, I think it's GREAT you've accidentally provided such a nice service to all us poor tonsil sufferers ;) THANK YOU! H.

9/17/2007 4:53 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I have just come home today from surgery yesterday, 9th Oct 2007, and am I sore! I am so pleased I found this page. I am not looking forward to days 5-7 as this seems the worst time. I have had tonsils and uvula removed and can just swallow water althought I had to choke down 2 slices of toast 3 hours after the operation! I did have a quinzey throat in August and that was bad too. In the UK we have up to 3 weeks off for tonsils and uvula removal because of infection. (2 weeks for tonsils). Remember drink plenty of fluids and eat well to stop the throat scabbing up. Hard but it is supposed to work!

Update in a week!

Thank you again for this great self help site!

10/11/2007 1:12 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my tonsils taken out on October 15, 2007. I am a 30 year old female. I really hemmed and hawed at the mere thought of having my tonsils taken out as an adult. After a bout of severe tonsillitis (so bad that at night my tonsils were closing my airway, aka sleep apnea) and a visit to an ENT, he suggested that I get them taken out. They really were causing me more problems than I thought.

Anyhow, so I booked the surgery and went online and did some research on "how bad it would really be." I really planned for the absolute worse and hoped for the best, whatever that might be. I read some of the horror stories out here and began to panic. I googled "tonsillectomy survival tips" and found a couple websites that offered some helpful tips. I thought I'd share my tips to help others out there who are thinking about or are about to have a tonsillectomy.

Disclaimer: Everyone is different and reacts to anethesthia and surgery very differently. This is about my experience and the advice I offer is based on tips I read about and what helped me recover.


*Get your pain meds and antibiotics BEFORE your surgery. The pharmacy had to order my antibiotics. Imagine if that were your pain meds and you tried to fill your script after the surgery... Don't risk it!
*As for pain meds, ask your Dr. if he prescribes Liquid Roxicet (it's also known as liquid Percoset.) This is incredible stuff. There is a long list of side effects. I didn't have any, but this cuts the pain quickly and effectively. This will be your best friend for about two weeks.
*Borrow or buy a humidifier and keep it by your bed. This helps your sinuses and throat. A dry throat is painful and should be avoided at all costs.
*Drink as much fluids as you can. You'll only be allowed to take small sips of water in the beginning. Don't let yourself get dehydrated. Drink Gatorade, but I found a week later it burned my throat. Even if it hurts, drink water.
*As for food, plan on eating soft foods for about two weeks. I lived on popsicles, pudding and runny mashed potatoes for the first week. The second week, I could handle a little more.
*Don't be discouraged if you find yourself at "rock bottom" a week later. It happens. For me, the first week wasn't so bad, but days 6-10 post-op weren't pleasant at all. However, you will get better remarkably faster than you think from day 10 forward.
*Plan on not doing much for the two weeks you will be out of work. I rented movies and the like. Have visitors, go to lunch. Boredom was my worst enemy.
*As for pain, I found it totally manageable. Stay on top of your pain meds. For me the worst pain was ear pain. It feels like your worst ear infection. I had the ear pain that radiated down into my jaw. I took 1 tsp. of Roxicet every 4 hours. It's very important learn your pain threshold and stay on top of the pain with your meds.

Would I call this an easy surgery? Hell no, but it was not bad as I was expecting. With pain meds, liquids and soft foods, it was a very manageable time. I am almost 3 weeks post-op and can say that I am almost 100%. I can't open my mouth all the way to yawn, but other than that things are really good.
Sneezing is a whole new experience, not painful just a different sensation now that there is so much more room back there now. Your voice will be different for about two weeks, but should go back to normal shortly thereafter.

If any readers have any questions. please email me at I'd be happy to lend some advice as there really are some horror stories out there.

Good luck!

11/03/2007 3:32 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the information everyone...I am 38 years old and it is 2:44 AM day of surgery and I am up because I cant sleep in any other position but face down or else I cant exhale through my nose. Damn uvula looks like a uni testicle back there. You ould think someone at the hospital would be like - "hey you may feel like your balls are hanging in your own throat for a few days. Dont worry you wont die oranything."

11/07/2007 10:51 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I just got my tonsils removed on friday the 9th. i am on my 4th day, its 430am and i can barely move. The pain has gotton so bad im ready to kill someone. my entire mouth is sore and my uvula is the size of my fist. Just a warning, for those of you feeling pretty good by day three, the worst has yet to come. I thought i was doing pretty well until i woke up this morning. All i can say is keep on top of your meds. I was told to take 10ml of liquid medication every 4-6 as needed. I now am taking 5ml every 3 hours on the dot, just so i can manage the pain. i also wanted to let everyone know, i bought some Cepacol Lozenges. Im not sure if i am allowed to be sucking on these, but they have been a god sent. they numb my mouth just enough so that i can get down some liquid medication. Ill keep you posted how the next couple days go. Hang in there everyone... I keep telling myself, it will all be over soon!!!!

11/12/2007 12:33 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I was doing fabulous until I looked at my throat and saw my uvula was ginormous and touching my tongue! I almost went into major panic mode and found this... :) So happy now to know that there wasn't a slip of the knife and my uvula isn't just dangling there like that forever! :) PS to anyone who hasn't done it yet: My anesthesiologist gave me some meds beforehand for upset stomach, which I was previously told by a nurse it may cause amnesia..., they were just what I needed! I have really bad anxiety, and him putting that in my IV is all I remember until I was in recovery. I'd definitely ask about it if you suffer from extreme frayed nerves ;) Also, my anesthesiology nurse had his removed at 56 and mine are at 25... so don't fret, fellow adults

11/14/2007 9:05 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a 31 yo female 17 days post-op. I'll just add my experience here and I hope it helps someone.

I had all Rxs prefilled and ready to go the day before surgery.. Typical process I was out of surgery in less than an hour.. They asked me what my pain was on a scale from 1 to 10 and at the time it was about an 8/9 so they gave me more painkillers via my IV.. 20 minutes later they checked my pain again.. i was down to about a 5 or 6 but I had a 90 min car ride home so i told them it was still a 7/8.. they found my surgon and i got more painkillers.. this time it was a shot in my arm.. about 30 mins later i was ready to go home.. as soon as i got home i ate as many ice chips as i could stand plus took 1 dose of my painkiller (Lortab).. for the first 5 days i managed to force myself to drink 64oz of water and 32oz of Gatorade.. I found the blue stuff that you can get in the powder doesn't burn at all and has a nice flavor in your parched foul tasting mouth.. plus i ate as many ice chips as i could stand and had two cups of chicken broth a day..

days 7-10 were miserable.. i just took the maximum amount of painkillers and threatened the life of anyone who bothered me.. the ear pain was the WORST..

day 12.. i come down with the cold from hell that my son brought home from school.. now i'm REALLY miserable..

what is really weird is that my gag reflex is just going off for no reason that i'm aware of.. the last few days i've started spontaneous vomiting.. yeah.. not nice.. i'm HOPING that it's the cold making my throat unhappy while it's trying to heal.. if it continues i'll call my doctor..

PUSH, PUSH, PUSH your fluids.. your body will thank you for it :) :)

12/16/2007 9:52 AM gmt

Blogger Extraneous said...

hey 9 hours post op and a member of the freaky swollen uvula club. Just thought you should know that 2 and a half years after you put pen to... errr... well, since you wrote this, people are still getting something out of it. Thanks for keeping me from frantically dialing 911 re: the swollen uvula. Which, I might add, no one mentioned to me. Take care folks!

12/19/2007 2:41 AM gmt

Blogger Kimalf4 said...

Thank you all somuch for your comments regarding the ulvula. I am scheduled for surgery on 12/27 (Merry Christmas to me)and did not know this information on the uvula. The PA told me that it would be sore. That's all!

Thanks so much for keeping this blog going!

12/20/2007 4:26 PM gmt

Blogger Unknown said...

Man am I thankful for this blog. My nine year old son had his tonsils and adenoids out today and a little bit ago he coughed and said something came up from his throat that was attached and he had to swallow it. It was his giant uvula! It is about one inch wide and hangs down his throat, so I don't know how long it is. NONE of the paperwork we were given said anything about the swollen uvula situation. Thanks for helping me see that it is a common side effect of the surgery.

12/21/2007 5:20 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys... love this blog! it was the first thing that came up when i googled swollen uvula (who knew that so many people googled the same thing?) my best friend just had her tonsils out yesterday (she's 19, i don't know why that's important but everyone seems to be sharing that detail so there you are). anyways, her uvula is HUGE. i actually find it quite interesting, but it makes it quite difficult for her to talk. her nurse though did say that this would happen, that it was no big deal, the swelling would go down soon, etc etc. so far though, she hasn't had too much pain, so i hope the same is true for you guys! i hear that the worst days though are still yet to come?? hopefully not, but apparently day three is supposed to be a bitch. anyways, just wanted to say thanks for the great blog/moral support for all those who are now tonsil-less!!

12/28/2007 1:42 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My 7 (almost 8) year old daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed this morning. Coming out of the anesthesia was horrible, lots of crying, shaking and vomiting. Her tongue had two long cut-like marks on it and she complained mostly about that. She kept saying that there was something on the roof of her mouth (nothing was there) and I finally figured out that is was her gigantic uvula. OMG!!! I didn't even want to tell her how big it was. Long story short, we got home and, desperate for relief, I put an ice pack on her throat. Genius - within 30 minutes she was up and softly speaking. She is much happier and I even got some meds and liquids in her. Thanks for all the comments, the applesauce worked too!

12/28/2007 9:26 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello my tonsil-less friends!! i wrote a few days ago, and i'm here with an important update re: post-op bleeding. so, my friend was preparing for bed when, all of sudden, spontaneously if you will, she felt a warm liquid in her mouth. upon spitting it out, she remarked upon its red color. was it blood? maybe, but still it could possibly have been her medicine (also red in color for those who were wondering). anyways, the answer soon became clear: the volume of red liquid exiting the mouth/throat indicated that it was certainly blood. the blood poured out of her mouth like a waterfall for a good ten-fifteen minutes. after gaining control of the spurting blood, my friend was rushed to the hospital. stupid hospital however was no help at all. three times my friend entered the hospital in such a quandry, not until the last time did a doctor finally schedule an operation to cauterize the troublesome artery. so, my warning/advice to all you people: don't freak out. it happens. you will survive. please breathe (and oh yes, that reminds me: a possible cause of this traumatic experience is dry air. this sort of issue happens more frequently in the winter months. use a humidifier after your surgery to prevent this from happening.)
good luck.

1/04/2008 12:39 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Derick from Baltimore - I wrote after having this surgery done almost 2 years ago. Visiting this site now is amazing. I can still remember the pain. I had to take off two weeks of work for this. My throat was fine after week one but from the lack of eating, i had zero strenth.
Well anyways...all i got to say now is: If they got paid per visit to this site, it seems as though the would have retired. I'm sure 10 times the ammout that posted, visited just to get the info.

1/24/2008 3:35 PM gmt

Blogger kuppadaddy said...

What a massive comment line!

Anyway, its like POD# 6 for me. Ear pain is the worst + morning crappiness thanks to a dried out throat and depleted pain meds. HAven't really been checkin my throat out (except at the hospital, where I thought my uvula was a pain med which i couldn't swallow). I'm expectin the scabs to start detaching soon, but what do I do with them? Do i swallow them or just spit them out?

Post op pain isnt even THAT bad. sometimes it just sucks really bad and i get all cranky and tend to yell at people, and it gets even more sore. The worst thing happened yesterday when I made a sandwich with awesome stuff: roast beef, pickles, mustard, mayo, salad, tomato, then I realised I can't even eat it. I got pretty mad.

Anyway if someone could answer that scab question, please email paucceri (a), because i doubt i'll ever find myself at this blog again.

2/27/2008 11:48 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3/03/2008 5:35 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had a tonsillectomy about 5 years ago. I am also a professional singer. After the surgury and up until this day 5 years later i have had problems. I constantly feel like there is something on the back of my tongue, i snort and try to swallow it down but it looks like its the Uvula sticking to my tongue?? and my throat never feels relaxed it always feels that inside my mouth i am opening it so wide. I can't sleep at night. i am searching for some way to fix it. I have just got to the point that i can't handle it anymore. I went back to the specialist who did the tonsillectomy but they said it's nothing. If it was nothing then i wouldn't be feeling this. I know what i am feeling. My Uvula by the way is now Lopsided after surgery and alot lower than it used to be and is not centered and pulls on the left hand side if i stick my tongue out. But in doing that the sensation of whats on the back of my tongue goes away. Sometimes i feel like throwing up especially when i am performing (singing ) on stage. Does anybody know who could fix this problem?
Thank you

3/03/2008 5:39 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is amazing i love this blog I dont feel like a mutant now with this glob like uvula blocking the back of my mouth! I had mine done this morning and am so happy to hear its going to go down! oh ps I am 20 years old and had been having kidney problems and oddly enough they linked them to my tonsils!!I would have never put those two together!

5/16/2008 4:02 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like many others, I too got my tonsils out this morning and googled uvula swelling after tonsillectomy, and your blog came out. I swear, mine is like ten times bigger than normal!! It feels so gross! When I woke up from the anesthesia, I thought I was choking on something, had a panic attack, and cursed out 3 doctors and 2 nurses. I felt SOO bad, so I apologized to them like an hour later, when I was coming to, and they said it was normal haha.. Oh yea, I'm 18 lol.. But yea, swollen uvula=not fun!!!

5/22/2008 9:06 PM gmt

Blogger Brad said...


I just had my 3 week post-op check up with my ENT doc and while I'm recovering fine, I mentioned to him how SWOLLEN MY UVULA was and how it made the first week after my tonsillectomy complete hell.

His response?
"You should have called, I would have gave you a steroid which would have got that thing right back to its normal size."

REALLY? Ugh. I wish I knew then. But hopefully it helps those suffering now. Get the steroid from your doc!

btw, it's caused by a device used during surgery that is logged down your throat and irritates the uvula. Happens in adults much more than children post-tonsillectomy.

5/27/2008 8:05 PM gmt

Blogger nick said...

I just had my tonsils out yesterday morning at about 8:30AM. It's been about a full 24 hours now and I can honestly say that aside from this huge swollen uvula in the back of my neck causing me to gag, I'm doing fairly well.

Right after I was discharged from the hospital I went straight to Rita's water ice and pounded a mango gelato. I was seriously feeling fantastic. I picked up my prescriptions and took my liquid antibiotic, and it almost immediately came back up. I tossed up everything included whatever little blood was in my stomach from surgery all over my brand new tan colored rug. Called the doc and he said it was most likely just due to the anaesthesia and that I should be OK to take the antibiotic today. Took it this morning at 7:30am and was able to keep everything down. Have been eating cherry ices, drinking cold water continuously, and last night got down about half a canister of slim fast.

I haven't taken a single dose of pain meds yet aside from the 2 percocet they gave me in the recovery room in the hospital. I honestly am not in pain at all, the only thing bothering me is this damned uvula. I feel like it's contstant gagging me and I continually need to keep swallowing.

I know that I am in the very early and easy stage of recovery, and that many people have said that by day 4-5 I'm going to want to rip my head off... but so far it's not all that bad. I'm just going to keep up with the cold water and hopefully this will all be a distant memory in due time.

9/04/2008 12:28 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Day 11 of recovery, 41M. Feeling pretty good and have cut back on painkiller. Some tips I would give out. Drink tons of water from time you get home from surgery throughout the first week. Use a vaporizer to sleep at night. You do not want the area to dry out. For the first 5-6 days or so, sit and sleep with an icepack behind your neck and on top of it. This will alleviate any pain that might develop in the areas surronding the tonsil area. Take you pain pill as perscribed as soon you come home from surgery and don't skip a dose until things are better. Percocet worked better than loricet after I switched. Gargle with ice water and eat ice chips right away if any sign of bleeding. I have lost 15lbs. which is probably a good thing to alot of people. If your concern about losing weight, the week before eat to your heart's content and gain a few pounds to lose. Days 3-7 are the worst and things have improved rapidly from there. I'm sure these 2 weeks of hell will be nothing to the benfts I'll receive the rest of my life.

9/18/2008 7:13 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am getting mine out in 4 days! I am so nervous. I have never even been put to sleep before.
I only get tonsillitis once or twice a year, but my right lymph node has been swollen for 7months. I feel it everytime I swallow. Did anyone get their tonsils out for this reason?

10/02/2008 4:57 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my tonsils removed six days ago, and i am experiencing all of the symptoms described above. Swollen uvula, and white scabs etc...
My only concern is that i am almost through with my 2nd bottle of 8 oz. roxicet, and i am worried that thew doc wont give me another script, any suggestions on alternative medications? I also am a hapless pot smoker and could not help but smoke a little on the third day after surgury, ( and light daily smokings since). I have black spots in the back left of my throat where my tonsil used to be. is this something i should call the doc about? any feedback would help...

10/11/2008 3:59 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 39 and am also on day 6 and have the black spots, but I can also see some pink skin beneath the white crap. I'm only taking extra strength tylenol for the pain. I got so nauseated from the liquid vicodin that I puked on day 2 so I quit it. The liquid clydimycin they gave me also made me want to puke, luckily I could swallow the pills. The prednisone my doctor gave me really helped the uvula which was the size of my thumb. Prednisone usually gives me some wicked side effects but I took it anyway for the swelling and my uvula is pretty much down to normal size.

My advice is drink your fluids, especially electrolyte water.
Ice your throat.
Eat as much as you can.
Sleep sitting up in short shifts and take your scheduled pain meds at night.

As for the scabs and swallowing or hacking up. Your choice I suppose. It's making me kind of gag and cough on them to swallow. I try not to think about it too much. Trying not to cough is really hard at this stage.
I'm supposed to go back to work next week and right now I'm wondering if I'll be able to. All I can say is this had better help my upper respitory problems!

10/22/2008 3:06 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Day 4 and I was feeling like a major wimp until I found this site. I am 33 years old and a Nurse Practitioner and sad to say this has provided the best "real life" info. No one told me about the uvula too... I hacked it up the other day and finally got a look at it today. Calling to see what they think about steroids tomorrow.
Funny thing, Thanksgiving is in 2 days. Guess I will eat a Gerber Thanksgiving with my 8 mo old. I sheduled myself to work tomorrow.. that is definitely not happening!
Oh the ear pain. I feel like the guy in Dances With Wolves that shoves a compass through his eardum. Up until I read this I was trying to wean off the pain meds but I think ill keep on schedule the next few days.
I thank God for my husband and mom who also didn't realize it would be this long of a recovery... they are taking care of our 6 kids.
Just praying after all of this the sore throats will stop, no more ugly cryptic tonsills and no more "tonsillar pearls" (that is really what they are called- you know those little stinky things that come out of the crypts).
So guess it is at least another week of pureed food. Lukcily I pretty much make our daughters baby foods (homemade tastes so much better than jarred) so I have them on hand. Pureed sweet potatoes with butter is my main staple. Ice cream is working out good too.
Oh yeah by the way.. the liquids going up my nose then down my lungs is a killer! I called about that one ,"oh yeah that is normal" is the answer I got. So not much liquid getting down (or should I say up then down)... and when I do drink liquid I have to make all kinds of choking, throat clearing noises... my kids think I am totally losing it!
Thanks for the laughs and reinforcing I am not a baby and it is all "normal" (whatever that means!)

11/26/2008 4:44 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had my tonsils out in July of last year by cauterization. I had some serious pain and bleeding problems but nothing that time and vicodin didn't fix. I was disturbed though when my uvula was black and shriveled but i figured that i t would heal. But then it actually fell off. I wasn't informed of any uvulectomy that was to be performed and I feel like a victim of a bad doctor. My sister had problems with the same guy. Before I go any further with this I just wanted to make sure that this wasn't a common thing. Thanks.

12/03/2008 1:15 AM gmt

Blogger jason said...

Uh... You're uvula should not blacken, shrivel, and fall off. That does not sound right at all.

I think maybe you should have a talk with this doctor.

12/03/2008 1:38 AM gmt

Blogger Tallahassee Techie said...

Please read my recovery blog at It is more recent. I tried to document everthing.

2/04/2009 4:34 PM gmt

Anonymous greg tooke said...

Hey, I had my tonsillectomy 3 months ago and made a website to support others. Check it out:

Thanks for sharing your story


3/29/2009 3:59 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am scheduled for a tonsillectomy on Monday, 7/13. I am almost 32 years old and have recurring strep throat for the 6th time since February! I am so glad that I stumbled upon this blog. I plan to refer to it after the surgery. I have a 2 year old & a 5 month old. My mother is coming to help me out M-F. After that, my husband and I are on our own. He works and already used up his vacation days. I was thinking a week would be long enough to recover, but now I'm thinking otherwise.
I also plan to ask the ENT if he could just remove the uvula during the surgery. I wonder if he would consider just doing that!
Ughh....not looking forward to the next 2 weeks!!!

7/09/2009 9:30 PM gmt

Anonymous Brad said...

Hey there ("Anonymous", post right above this one)

32 year old here too who used to get strep twice per year.

Just wanted to let you know that one week should be enough time off work to recover. I started feeling "normal" again after about 8 days.

I did have the swollen uvula and that made it 200% worse than what it should've been. I don't know if they knicked it during surgery or what, but my ENT said that the swelling I had wasn't normal.

Either way, it all worked out in the end and I'm VERY happy I had it done.

The liquid / applesauce only diet will take some getting used to, but your body will adjust and just remember - you WILL come out on top at the end. Good luck and hang in there.

7/10/2009 12:15 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Brad!

7/12/2009 5:22 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im 17 and had my tonsils taken out a couple days ago and I seriously feel like going up to the surgeon who did this to me and ripping his balls off.The pain is still pretty bad and im out of the good pain killers its all tylenol now. I can't eat, sleep, talk and im just so unbelieveably irritated all the time. i kick myself for agreeing to have this done.This is seriously the worst pain ever!

8/07/2009 8:03 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello to everyone still reading this blog after 4 years since it originally started (Thank you to Jason and Mike), the original creators of this blog. There hasn't been an entry for a few months so I thought I will post a comment to keep the blog going.
My name is Allister Henderson and I am Australian. I am a 31 year old male and I had my tonsils removed 7 days ago. My uvula is extremely swollen, which caused me to do a Google search on the topic which lend me to this blog.
The reason I had my tonsils out was because for years they were both permanently the size of golf balls leaving a small gap for food and air to get through. This resulted in me having very poor sleep due to the tonsils blocking my airway, causing me to stop breathing and wake up. This condition is of course called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). I had a sleep study which indicated that I was waking up 38 times per hour during my sleep.
Another reason was that my tonsils were so big they were causing me to have the permanent sensation of something stuck in my throat. I was gagging a lot, and when I wasn’t gagging my body reacted by giving me the hick-ups 4 or 5 hours a day, quiet annoying to say the least. I was pulled over by the cops once, who were convinced that I was drunk-driving because of the hick-ups. I said, “Thank GOD, I thought the steering had gone”. He was not impressed, but look disappointed when I blew in 0.00% alcohol on is little breath-test.
Anyway, I had a long uvula to start off with, so after surgery it was an inch wide almost covering my throat hole, but I still had a little bit of space on the side to eat food and breath. I couldn’t sleep on my back because the uvula completely closed my throat causing me to choke, so I had to sleep on the side.
On day three, I tried eating breakfast cereal (Weet-bix and milk), but with-in half-an hour I vomited it all up. It was the worse experience; the projectile vomit pushed my huge uvula forward, blocking my throat completely. I couldn’t breathe for about 20 seconds, mean while the vomit had to get out somehow so it went out of my noise. That’s right I had a breakfast cereal slurry spraying out of my noise (both nostrils).
I have not eaten weet-bix since.
I determined that I had nausea because I over-dosed with my pain meds. It didn’t matter anyway the doctor only gave me 4 days worth, after that I had to use over the counter Mersyndol, which only has 500 mg of paracetamol and 9.6 mg of codeine. It is still working to some degree. The only problem is that the codeine made my ass constipated. After a few days of not shitting I panicked and took some laxatives…..apparently one can also over dose on laxatives which I did, but I will not go into further details.
It is now day 7, and I still have those awful disgusting smelly white scabs in my throat, it tastes like I have been chewing on dog shit (I assume, I haven’t actually eaten dog-shit…I’m guessing). It is hard to see anything because apart from my uvula my tongue is also extremely swollen. My tongue now pushes again my teeth so much, that it has my teeth indents either side.
My biggest concern now is that my white throat scabs don’t come off pre-maturely because that will result in bleeding, which obviously I don’t. I believe that my throat was cauterized instead of being sutured during surgery. The newer cauterization method gives rise to more pain and swelling but a lot less bleeding, so fingers crossed.
Anyway that is all the info up-to-date so far.
Good luck to anyone else having a tonsillectomy.

12/04/2009 12:06 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,
I am on hour 36 after surgery. This damn swolen uvula is my only main problem. It comes out to lay on my tongue and looks like it's clear with puss. Anyway, i havent really needed the pain meds yet...just drinking lots of vegetable drinks and eating ice cream. Also have a cough which does not help one bit. I'm so glad so many other people have went through what I'm going through...Do you think I'll be able to sleep normally tomorrow...when does the uvula stop bugging you?

p.s. I'm an 18 year old male at university of texas...hook 'em

12/20/2009 2:23 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an 18 year old male and 13 days post-op. I finally see the light. I can eat now and breathe normally.

A few tips for yall:
if you get your adenoids out you get a lot of mucus stuck up there and its tough to breathe. USE A NETI-POT. I know it sounds scary but it won't hurt and it is a life saver.
Next, try eating a taco bell bean burrito washing down with ice cream. This was the first solid food I ate. I lost 11 pounds...but only weighed 130 to start with....Well, I'm on my way to recovery. doc says i wont be fully better for at least 4 weeks. it still hurts to yawn and its still all yellow back there but everything is finally getting better.

Stay patient and be positive. I was throwing up blood and gagging constantly day 4 and 5.

Bye y'all and hookk 'em


12/31/2009 3:20 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like first post of 2010! This truly is a GREAT thing to find and read post tonsillectomy. I too have the ridiculously swollen uvula which nobody warned me about. Strange given that it obviously isn't that uncommon. It looks like the doctor (accidentally) nicked mine with whatever he was using to cauterize with during surgery. It is still swollen 6 days after surgery but it isn't choking me like it as previously was when trying to sleep. However, I did just finish my bottle of pain med's and that has a sad feeling to it. I hope I don't need to frantically get more but time will tell...Anyone else read that people gain weight after this procedure? Strange. Especially considering that fried chicken sounds really good now days...

2/07/2010 7:03 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got my tonsils out march 21 I'm a nineteen yr old girl and on the nineth day I was eating rice and I felt like water was in my throat so I go to spit in the trash and blood just pours out my mouth like im throwing it up but im not gagging at all I look in my mouth and my scab on the left side only is gone is it supposed to bleed like that? It was like an artery busted bc there was so much blood wtf!!

3/30/2011 12:07 PM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had my tonsils out about 10 hours ago - major case of swollen uvula as well.

Thank you for this blog, it's been the most helpful thing I've come across so far.

Anyway, my throat pain is minimal, compared to what I expected. It's about as bad as tonsillitis, which is bad but manageable. This swollen uvula though is another story - was anyone else unable to swallow effectively? I'm worried because it's difficult even to swallow water, and I'm trying to stay as hydrated as possible. If it were just pain, there would be no issue - but the blockage caused by my uvula actually inhibits my swallowing. I'm on a dissolvable steroid for today and the next 3 days - don't even want to imagine how my uvula would be if I wasn't prescribed this medicine.

Anybody else find it absolutely ludicrous that the doctors NEVER seem to mention that your uvula will swell and make you feel like you're going to die?

7/25/2012 1:51 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter had her surgery jan 02. She is doing great so far. The key is to maintain your pain med and stay hydrated. Yesterday she actually ate very soft rice and brocolli. She doesn't drink much, so jello, broth, and squirts of water in her mouth have helped. She does sound extremely stuffy and a bit of a rattle is being heard while she is sleeping. No fever yet thank goodness or I would be worried about pneumonia. I hope she continues to have a good recovery. The process seems so long. I wish I would have read a bit more on the surgery. I would have liked to of just had her tonsils shaved down a bit and not completely removed. I did not know that was an option until now, when I was researching recovery. They said it has less recovery time and that it is good to keep a bit of your tonsils in for many reasons. It is worth looking into....if it isn't too late for you. Take care everyone. This too shall pass.

1/04/2013 7:46 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son had his tonsils and adenoids removed. On the second and third day he complained about a flap of skin at the back of his throat making him choke. He also complained of not being able to talk because of the flap of skin. I checked his throat and told him it was just his swollen uvula. He was shocked and didn't believe me. Finally I should him some info on the computer. I hope he eats soon, he is a skinny kid to begin with. As long as I keep up with the pain meds, he drinks.

3/09/2013 2:29 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for posting this and for all the commenters. I'm currently on night #1 after tonsillectomy and my day went relatively easy, but now I am trying to sleep and found that I can't really breathe on my back due to my mutated uvula, and I have been freaking out. Thankfully I ran across this blog and am seeing that this is pretty normal and just something to tough out rather than run to the er!

8/27/2014 6:40 AM gmt

Blogger Unknown said...

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10/21/2014 7:06 PM gmt

Blogger doctorowl said...

I want to leave my comment as this blog is 10 years old and I still found it and got a lot of help from it. Thank you for keeping it up! Apparently in 10yrs not much has changed... I'm a 24yr old female who just had my tonsils out 4 days ago and nobody warned me about the swollen uvula either. It's about the size of a golf ball. It takes up almost my entire throat and it's quite disturbing. I keep choking on it when I try to swallow and because my throat is blocked everything comes up my nose. Let me tell you liquid pain medicine burns something awful going up the nose! Here's a quick summary of my experience so far. Day 1, waking up immediately didn't have much pain but I felt like I was choking on something. Nurses gave me ice and told me it was normal. I've had 3 surgeries before so I'm familiar with pain and the whole process. I had my intestines removed 2 years ago so I thought "oh boy this isn't half as bad!" Well then the real pain kicked in. I was in tears!! I couldn't speak from swelling and anesthesia so my fiance was in charge. I had told 2 different nurses, and it's in my chart, that I CANNOT have Tylenol. They gave me Lortab anyway which has Tylenol. I was so out of it I didn't know until I got home and then I had to take it for the extreme pain. My fiance made several phonecalls and it was a huge ordeal to get me the right prescription. They didn't seem to care they gave me something I'm not supposed to have. I myself had to yell at them on the phone with my effed up throat which just made it worse. They're going to get a few choice words from me when I recover! By day 2 I was sobbing hysterically from the extreme pain. My fiance was able to pick up oxycodone which was better. But my swollen uvula makes it very hard to swallow. Every time I swallow it's like a huge golf ball made of razor blades is stuck in my throat. It's AWFUL! I am not supposed to take NSAIDs because of my intestinal surgery but I caved and took children's motrin. WHAT A MIRACLE! It helps so much. Motrin every 6 hrs, oxycodone every 4 hrs. I can barely sip any water. I had a few bites of mashed potatoes and one egg. Swallowing is a nightmare. Day 3 was about the same. Now I'm on day 4 and I woke up CRYING again... my entire head hurts, my jaw, ears, even my teeth. What did they do to me?! I'm so glad I found this blog otherwise I'd think I was dying for sure. My throat is already covered in black, yellow, white scabs. No blood yet. I'm worried I'll bleed in a few days like other people, because I took motrin. I also can't speak without sounding "like a deaf person" and am using a dry erase board to communicate. Sleeping a lot. When the pain meds wear off I'm telling you it HURTS!!! This is by far the worst procedure and I've had 2 major surgeries which took a year to recover from... They really should warn patients about how much this hurts and the damn swelling!! I hope some day they get this procedure a little bit better. This is like some military-level torture right here! Thanks to everyone who commented it helped me feel less like a crazy person :)

7/01/2016 12:08 AM gmt

Blogger Matt said...

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1/31/2017 8:00 PM gmt

Blogger Matt said...

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1/31/2017 9:37 PM gmt

Blogger Unknown said...

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3/30/2022 11:09 PM gmt


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