Sunday, October 16, 2005

Elayne and Racquel

While in China, we spent some time with two lovely ladies we met in Tienenman Square. After a few too many beers in Xi'an, they got rowdy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Booo! That was rubbish. Who were that duelling duo then? Huj Pang-Zhi VS Gimia Drinkawata? Call me blood-thirsty, but I was hoping for, er, more blood

10/18/2005 2:39 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh. They're called Elayne and Racquel. Tougher that one. Anyway, demand rematch, biting/hair-pulling/concealed weapons/high-wire acrobatics/... -- get to it! Yours sportingly, Al

10/18/2005 3:38 AM gmt

Blogger jason said...

They weren't really called Elayne and Racquel, that's just a really lame Seinfeld reference. Their "english" names were Lilly and Vicky.

10/18/2005 6:51 AM gmt


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