Friday, February 03, 2006

Burnt Down and Fell Over Into a Swamp

Campo Grande, Brazil

Dear Karen,

Just a quickie...

Brazil is not all that scary after all. Portugese is sufficiently similar to Spanish that we can get all the important things without too much struggle. The people are friendly and the food is good. The weather is rough (very hot, very muggy), but I am at this point very experienced at living in the sweat-drenched state, so it is not that much of a thang. We are just back from 3 nights in the world's largest swamp without access to the Internets and tonight we board a 36 hour bus to the Amazon basin. The next update will probably come on Sunday from Porto Velho.


Blogger jason said...

In other news, I got a near-terminal case of Clown Foot and almost died of embarrassment. More on that story at ten...

2/07/2006 12:00 AM gmt

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring a parachute. How many news fillers have we read about "Bus plunges 1000 feet into canyon" down there?

2/08/2006 8:01 PM gmt

Blogger jason said...

Well, we're thinking about flying to Salvador and skipping over Belem, now. So, we'll be plunging from 30,000 feet instead of a paltry 1000.


2/10/2006 7:59 PM gmt


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