Saturday, May 20, 2006

Video Gallery: Killa Kela

When we were in Sofia, we were unexpectedly surprised by a top-notch drum'n'bass show (World of Drum and Bass) going on our last night in town. Although I've seen him kick the show off a few times before, Killa Kela never ceases to entertain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I hope all is well... Erik just left today to Asia :( and we got all the Americana stuff for you just in time! We left it at Bill's so that Jackie can bring it with her when she meets up with you guys. Jason: did you hear from Jen? you gotta make her come out with you on the sea!!! she needs to be around some American blood ...all that Italian is getting to her head!!! did you guys see any belly dancers that come around to your table while you eat? I wish I could make it out again to meet up with you guys-Argentina was great....I would have loved to have seen Santorini. Take care :)


5/22/2006 5:43 PM gmt

Blogger jason said...

Thanks for organizing that patriotic schwag. We'll have to be representing loud in Germany.
I did send Jen an email about the sailing trip, but she didn't express any interest. At this point, the boat is full, though. I'm sure I'll catch up with her in Italy somewhere. We'll have lotsa free time during the world cup.
And, no, unfortunately... no belly dancers. The one time we may have seen them in Egypt turned out to be kind of a scammy waste of time.


5/23/2006 11:58 AM gmt

Blogger Unknown said...

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4/04/2022 2:11 PM gmt


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