Saturday, January 01, 2000


July 24 - August 18

We entered China near Tienstin (Tengdu?) by ferry from Kobe, Japan. The crossing took two days and was generally relaxing. There were a few Westerns aboard, but we mostly kept to ourselves. From there we took a bus into Tienstin proper then caught a train to Beijing. We met some girls there that travelled with us to Xi'an (change of plans from Shanghai). We followed a path through the center of China to Chengdu and Kunming and finally met up with Erin L in Yangshuo by way of Guilin. We both got ill (ulcers for Mike, sinus issues for Jason) and took the overnight bus to Hong Kong where we spent nearly a week recovering.

A day by day breakdown:
  • Sun Jul 24 - arrive tengu (sp?) 14:30, xfer to beijing, thief bus driver
  • Mon Jul 25 - drop off cameras for repair, thai food for dinner
  • Tue Jul 26 - hot pot, mall with art students, pick up cameras, meet girls in T square, tea, karaoke, club cobra (name right?)
  • Wed Jul 27 - buy new cameras, peking duck
  • Thu Jul 28 - great wall, ming tombs, leave beijing 22:00
  • Fri Jul 29 - arrive xi'an 23:00
  • Sat Jul 30 - sightseeing, bread soup lamb dinner
  • Sun Jul 31 - mike to park, jason to terracotta warriors
  • Mon Aug 1 - leave xi'an 17:00
  • Tue Aug 2 - arrive chengdu 09:30, in-room internet!, hot pot with matt and apple
  • Wed Aug 3 - free breakfast, search for laundry, temples, sichuan opera
  • Thu Aug 4 - long effort to get train tickets, check back in to hotel, dinner with matt, out drinking
  • Fri Aug 5 - big rain storm, hang out in hotel lobby, train to kunming (upgrade)
  • Sat Aug 6 - arrive kunming, check into hostel, train tickets, internet in chapter one cafe near university, out to "the hump", dice game, met a swiss guy
  • Sun Aug 7 - leave laundry, bus tickets to stone forest, shopping, relax at hostel, internet at cafe, orchestra and dancers in park, pizza dinner near lake
  • Mon Aug 8 - stone forest, pick up laundry, jason illing, to train station
  • Tue Aug 9 - arrive guilin 15:00, meet erin 16:00, bus to yangshou, check into monkey jane's, dinner and drinks at karst cafe
  • Wed Aug 10 - wake late with hangover, hospital, pharmacist, hang out in buffalo bar, bed early
  • Thu Aug 11 - decided to leave that night, bike ride, swimming at beach, erin interview, dinner on roof of cafe de china (name right?), board night bus with lots of honkeys
  • Fri Aug 12 - arrive shengen (sp?) 10:00, walk across border, take train and mtr to ymca, check into suite, go to baptist hospital, noodle dinner, sleep
  • Sat Aug 13 - breakfast at ymca, move to lee garden guesthouse, shopping in kowloon, internet at chungking mansions, trip to fedex, movies in da room
  • Sun Aug 14 - move to YMCA on HK side, lunch at phlip/malay place, split from jason, tram to central, up the escalator, internet cafe, mong kok computer center, walk nathan road, ferry to convention center, meet jason, video futzing, dinner at house of noodles and wantons, late night internet
  • Mon Aug 15 - up early to talk to billy on his bday, drop off tapes with guy, arcade, thai kung fu movie, congee w/ wontons, video work in hotel
  • Tue Aug 16 - lunch at corner restaurant, video work, travel agent, pick up tapes, get laundry, pizza dinner, no go-out - jason illin', chill at hotel
  • Wed Aug 17 - doctor, exercise, chinese lunch, admin at hotel, jason to peak, met jonas and manny (swiss), phillapino dinner, club, dancing, hotel
  • Thu Aug 18 - pack up, mike and kelvin l lunch, jason hk musuem, tea at peninsula, to airport, flight to HCMC

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