Saturday, January 01, 2000


July 5 - July 25

In Russia, nothing works. In Japan, everything works a lot better than it has to. We spent a fair bit of time in Tokyo enjoying some free accomodation. A sudden end to hospitality forced us to pick up and move farther afield. We spent a few days in Kyoto, climbed Mount Fuji, and split by ferry from Kobe (after a very nice steak). Japan was also very notable because of the company of Allan E and Juan N - the first of many OC guest bloggers and a pair of very welcome faces.

Day by day breakdown:

  • Tue Jul 5th - Flight from Vladivostok to Fukuoka via Seoul, stayed in Fukuoka
  • Wed Jul 6th - Shinkansen to Tokyo, moved into Leo's place
  • Thu Jul 7th - Laundry, admin
  • Fri Jul 8th - Met Jonny R, Drank at Soma, karaoke
  • Sat Jul 9th - Hang over, metal show at Shinjuku Loft
  • Sun Jul 10th - Saw Batman Begins
  • Mon Jul 11th - Exercise in local parks, admin, German dinner with Leo and Jon W.
  • Tue Jul 12th - Moved to mike's, Narita temple, met Juan
  • Wed Jul 13th - Day trip to Nagoya to see sumo
  • Thu Jul 14th - Day out in Odaiba, Musuem of Science and Innovation
  • Fri Jul 15th - Admin (tokyo station), met Allan, shinto festival, club w/ jonny r
  • Sat Jul 16th - Booted out of mike's, moved the OC to Kyoto, goodbye to Allan
  • Sun Jul 17th - Parade, shrine/temple walk, pub dinner, 50's bar
  • Mon Jul 18th - Aichi expo, move to Kyoto ryokan
  • Tue Jul 19th - Made our way to Mount Fuji
  • Wed Jul 20th - Early climb of Fuji, check into lakeside ryokan
  • Thu Jul 21st - Goodbye to Juan, travel to Kobe, Kobe beef dinner
  • Fri Jul 22nd - Board Kobe to Tianjin ferry
  • Sat Jul 23rd - Kobe to Tianjin ferry
  • Sun Jul 24th - Arrive Tianjin, bus to train, train to Beijing, check into hotel

Photo Albums
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