Monday, May 30, 2005

On The Road Again - Part IV

We left Chicago at around 11 AM. Shortly thereafter, I missed an exit and we lost some time trying to get back on track. It's amazing how annoyed you get when a journey of 800 miles becomes a journey of 820 miles because you misread a sign. The error was forgotten soon enough as we cruised happily through such cosmopolitan hot spots as Indianapolis, Cincinatti, and Knoxville. We stopped in Asheville around 11:30 PM to dine with Calder S at the Waffle House - a last minute (but most welcome) addition to the itinerary. We made it to Columbia at 3 AM and crashed on my brother's floor. I had a quick chat with Billy in the morning before he split for work, then we had brunch with Thornwell S before hitting the road for Charleston.

We started in LA at 8:15 AM on Wednesday and finished up on James Island at 3 PM on Sunday. There are about 3000 more miles on the Volvo. Jason and I agree that thet trip went more quickly than expected, was totally worth it, and is not something we are keen to do again soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

decent coffee. good company.
and I made it into the official log...thrilling.
jason,a pleasure
mike,as always

England 269 for 3
tourists 104

6/03/2005 6:42 PM gmt


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