Saturday, June 11, 2005

Eddie K.

The Home of Jonny British, London, Engulund

Our lovely hosts are making brunch for us: some chorizo and bacon breakfast burritos. The smells and popping of a fried meal serenade me as I write this update in the kitchen.

We returned yesterday from Northern England. A little town called Chepstow that skirts the edge of the England/Wales border. We stayed at the not-so-humble abode of Jules and Patrick. The house and surrounding land was beautiful, and the company was excellent. The children were tight little bundles of energy, running around and diving headlong into everything.

We ended up staying up all night, drinking Stella Artois and smoking cigarettes. Oh my god the cigarettes. I have never smoked so much in my life. Patrick is a machine. When I woke up the next morning, my lungs felt like they had gone all thirteen rounds with Apollo Creed.

But, besides the debauchery, we also met a very interesting person named Eddie K. He and his wife own the horses that are being kept in the Jules and Patrick's yard. When I first met him, I thought he was just an older farmer-type from northern England. It turns out that Eddie used to be a blues piano player in the 60's, and a quite accomplished one at that. He toured with the Beatles, and had a few stories about life as a rocker. It turns out the Paul McCartney is his eldest son's godfather. He also had a story about being the only white guy at the James Brown concert at the Apollo in '64. Mike has mentioned wanting to do a more complete filmed interview with him when the trip is finished.

I'm still trying to find an internet reference for the man.


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