Sunday, June 05, 2005

Bon Voyage Party in NYC - June 4th

We threw ourselves a Bonne Voyage Party in NYC on Saturday, June 4th.

Check out the original announcement for details about when and where.

The shin-dig was very well attended. All biological parents, many siblings, LA-based homies, Chicago peeopz, and even some NYC randoms (like the Amazing Dave H) showed. We ended out the evening with some memorable (because of Allan E) diner eats. There are pictures.

Mike's NYC breakdown:
  • Thu Jun 2nd - Arrived on train from DC, dinner at John's with Astle/Croucher clan
  • Fri Jun 3rd - Last minute trip shopping, hip-hop club outing
  • Sat Jun 4th - Da Bonne Voyage Party
  • Sun Jun 5th - Sight-seeing with Juan, dinner with LA/Chicago crew, karaoke
  • Mon Jun 6th - Trip to JFK, leave the US for London


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